29th Sep2011

1 Year Anniversary Contest Winners

by GoodFellasCigars

 To honor and thank all of our fans and readers Good Fellas Cigars with Burn Premium Cigar Specialists held a contest for Good Fellas Cigars 1 Year Anniversary! Thank you for all that participated in the contest you showed just why the cigar smoking community is the most engaged and friendliest around.

We strive to give you the reader the highest quality cigar media out there.  If you were around from the inception of GoodFellasCigars.com you would have saw an incredible evolution especially within the few short months of the of the summer of 2011. Just to highlight our changes in quick secession here is a list of the changes and  improvements:

  1. The lay out of GoodFellasCigars.com has been completely overhauled for ease of use and better navigation
  2. Shopping around for Cigar related products? Look no further than the Good Fellas Cigars Store. Here we combined the products of several vendors for your convenience. We add new products often and appreciate suggestions on what to include.
  3. You may have noticed our pictures on our reviews have improved significantly with the help of Manson Photo
  4. Our collection of professionally shot photos can be accessed here
  5. In August 2011 we started to high light one cigar by making it our cigar of the month with several sharp photos taken by Manson Photo.
  6. In addition to the cigar of the month we will also occasionally have a Hot Pick featured.
  7. You may already know we have a a Twitter and Facebook page but, we now also have a YouTube page.

Enough of us lets talk about you. Many of you entered into our 1st Year Anniversary Contest but, only three of you could win. And for that we are very saddened. We would love for all of to win and hopefully you will in future contests.

Without further ado the winners of the Good Fellas Cigars 1st Anniversary Contest are…. Justin aka @campin_fool from Columbia, MO,  Steven aka @Rancor418 from Mandeville LA and, Orien aka @nichus from Longmont CO.

1st. place Goes to Justin

  1. Casa Fernandez Nicaragua – Aganorsa Leaf Cigar
  2. Room101 Namakubia Cigar
  3. Punch Uppercut Cigar
  4. Metal Cutter
  5. Good Fellas Cigars T-shirt
  6. Two Good Fellas Cigars stickers
  7. A Black Gurkha and Burn Premium Cigars Hat
  8. A Red Burn Premium Cigars Serie .789 Hat
  9. Sam Leccia Cain Straight Ligero F Hat


2nd place Goes to Steven

  1. Graycliff 1666 Cigar
  2. Black Pearl Cigar
  3. Credo Cutter
  4. GoodFellasCigars T-shirt
  5. Two GoodFellasCigars stickers
  6. A Red Burn Premium Cigars Serie .789 Hat
  7. Sam Leccia Cain Straight Ligero F Hat


3rd place Goes to Orien

  1. 5 Vegas Gold Cigar
  2. Man O’ War Ruination
  3. GoodFellasCigars T-shirt
  4. Credo Cutter
  5. Two GoodFellasCigars Stickers
  6. A Red Burn Premium Cigars Serie .789 Hat

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