27th Mar2012

601 La Bomba Atom

by GoodFellasCigars

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Shape: Corona Extra

Size: 5¼” x 46

Country: My Father Factory in Nicaragua

Strength: Full

Production: Full

Price Range: $8.00

I’ve always enjoyed the Viaje Skull and Bones line due to the shear strength that these little guys pack. Recently someone told me about a cigar that was comparable to that line so I had to give them a try of course. This cigar is made by EOBrands Inc. which is the maker of the 601 brand. The 601 line was the original brand that the company lauched and currently its most successful. The cigar by 601 I picked is the La Bomba Atom and the name pretty much sums up how this cigar is, “The Atom Bomb”.

The Look:  Immediately upon seeing this cigar for the first time it reminded me of the Viaje TNT 2011 . It had an extremely long tail that went about half the length of the cigar like a bomb fuse. This further more just hints that this cigar is going to be strong! The construction on the La Bomb was excellent from the triple cap to almost no veins and a very smooth wrap. The pack was also nice and firm with no give which might mean the draw could be a little difficult but, we will have to see. The wrapper and foot had the same smell of rich sweet tobacco.

The Start: Now it’s time to begin and clip the cap. The pre-draw was very smooth even with the firm pack I noted from before and it had a light tobacco flavor. The initial draw on the other had was an intense warm spice. WOW! I can’t put in words how spicy the initial draw is. I can’t really compare the spice to any other cigar I have had either. It’s basically like a kick to the palate. But, it wasn’t all spice I also picked up a flavor of leather. The aroma was a musky burnt leaf smell.

The Beginning: The intense spice I encountered on the initial draw was only momentarily. For the first third it backed down to a red pepper that still gives a warm sensation and prickles the palate. Along with the red pepper are other flavors of leather, roasted coffee, and dark chocolate. The draw was very easy that took virtually no effort and the smoke that was coming off the cigar was a dark grey which produce alot of smoke when resting. I recommend taking your time on this guy since the draw is easy and also the strength on this cigar is pretty high. We don’t want anyone to have to stop due to nausea. The ash is a mix of white, grey, and black ad was also flaky and somewhat loose. The burn on the other hand is near perfect. Approaching the second third the spice continues to go down with earth tones coming into play along with the coffee and dark chocolate making a small amount of bitterness.

The Middle: The La Bomba is still staying strong as ever to say the least. I’m feeling it now. Thank the lord I ate something before smoking this stick. A sweet drink would go well with this cigar. Possibly a sweet tea? The flavors are the same for the most part compared to the first third except spice has went down a decent amount. The flavor profile as of now consists of a dark bitter earth with coffee and chocolate. The burn is basically razor sharp. Approaching the last third leather comes back in bringing tones of nuts and dryness. Also here the chocolate and coffee leave, never to be seen again.

The End:  I managed to drag my beaten body from this ass kicker this far. Everything through this part is consistent from what I last described just above with the final third’s flavor profile made up of spice, leather, and bitter semi-dry nuts. The finish was a bitter leather. Total time of the smoke was a little over an hour.

Final Thoughts: Overall this cigar was great if you want something that will challenge you and take you on a real journey. If you are a fan of the Viaje Skull and Bones line and have been looking forever to find a cigar that is comparable to them look no further this is it. My suggestion is make sure you take your time on the La Bomba because the draw can have you going too fast if you don’t watch it. Also don’t forget to eat something before smoking this cigar too. I’m going to have see what else EOBrands Inc. has to offer because the punch this Atom bomb packed has got me intrigued.

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