22nd Nov2010


by GoodFellasCigars

Created in four distinctly different lines every single cigar within the ACID family is a unique smoking experience. ACID cigars use over 140 extracts, and oils infused distinctive smoking experience. With maduro wrappers from Nicaragua, Mexico, or Ecuador, and natural wrappers from Indonesia, Connecticut, Cameroon, Honduras you can choose the cigar that right for you.

The Acid cigar is like no other. With the characteristics of special tobacco grown near Managua combined with a distinct method of infusions that contain many different herbs and oils all of which deliver a strong and complex smoke. The aroma released around you is nothing but pleasant, while the taste provides a bold blend of flavors not found in any other cigar. Drew Estate focuses on keeping the secrets of Acids within his own cigars which creates an experience of powerful and unique proportions that gives even the most veteran cigar enthusiasts an entirely new adventure.

List of Acid cigars

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