02nd Apr2011

Cain Daytona

by GoodFellasCigars

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano

Filler: Nicaraguan Jalapa Valley Ligero

Binder: Nicaraguan Ligero

Country: Nicaragua

To start off I would like to say throw out any thoughts you have on what a Cain taste like because this cigar right here, Cain Daytona, is completely different from what a Cain’s norm is. This cigar had a firm pack that consists of an all Nicaraguan blend and it had very little veins on it. Beginning the initial draw which only took a little amount of effort that produced not too much smoke, flavors of nuts, and a creamy, sweet, rich tobacco were very present. It was a very smooth smoke that was very enjoyable to the palate. The first third had an amazing blend of sweet and spice that was rich with flavor. It was a smooth, and musky smoke with the notes of nuts. There was red pepper present with a sweetness kind of like wood thats been in a barrel and coffee sweetness comparative to a mocha. The second third the nut flavor really pops with the sweet and spice making an awesome combination. As for the finish it never became harsh but, the sweetness went down only slightly being there with more of the nutty, and an earthy wood being most present. Overall this medium-bodied smoke had an even burn that needed touch ups near the end and could be set down for a while without it going out. Also the ash was a grey/white which was firm. The Cain Daytona is a must have cigar! It was consistent and an excellent cigar that didn’t go back near the end. The Cain brand tried something completely different from the norm and it was extremely enjoyable!



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