09th Oct2012

Benji Menendez in Cigar Aficionado Hall of Fame

by GoodFellasCigars

Date: October 09, 2012      


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(Miami, Florida) October 09, 2012— The Menendez family is beaming with pride due to a recent induction in the Cigar Aficionado Hall of Fame. The Menendez family has a long and storied history in cigar lore which has continued on to spread post-communist Cuba.

Alonso Menendez, Cuban citizen and master of the tobacco trades in Cuba would be proud of where his offspring has taken the Menendez last name. His son Benjamin “Benji” Menendez who is current Senior Vice President of General Cigars was recently inducted into the Cigar Aficionado Hall of Fame. His other son Felix Menendez (currently in Brazil) is one of the founders of Brazilian cigar giant Menendez Amerino who’s best selling brand is the Dona Flor line.

Benji and Felix Menendez both learned their craft in Cuba as they were heavily involved in the family business which created the Montecristo brand and was majority owner of the H Upmann factory in Pre-Castro era Cuba. Post-Castro the brothers left Cuba with father Alonso and opened up shop in Spain. After sourcing Brazilian tobacco from the Amerino family they were hooked on the now famed Mata Fina tobacco. Later in the early 1970’s Benji and Felix settled in Brazil and formed Menendez Amerino with the Amerino family.  In Brazil during 1970 the brothers together with the Amerino’s, partnered with Arturo Torano and created the Alonso Menendez and Dona Flor brand.

The Alonso Menendez brand quickly became Brazil’s best-selling brand and exploded in the European Colonies. Known for its rich, robust and uniquely Brazilian flavor which is unmatched by any other tobacco in the world, it is a corner piece of Menendez Amerino. The Dona Flor brand was created after a friendship was struck between the author of the bestselling book, Dona Flor and her Two Husbands and Mario Amerino. Mario’s name was mentioned in the book so to return the favor they named a cigar brand after the book and the Dona Flor brand was born. Dona Flor is now Brazil’s most popular brand.

In the early 80’s Benji left Brazil to later work with General Cigars and was responsible for creating the award-winning Benjamin Menendez Partagas Master Series Majestuoso. Benji continues to make his family proud has he can now claim to be one of only 15 members in the Cigar Aficionado Hall of Fame. The induction ceremony took place last month at the Grand Havana Room in New York City.

As for younger sibling Felix Menendez, he stayed in Brazil, and oversaw Menendez Amerino which grew into a giant with strong sales in Europe and in South America. The Alonso Menendez and Dona Flor brands continue to be the most popular and are now making a push to create greater awareness of Brazilian tobacco in the U.S.

Dona Flor cigars are currently available in the US to premium cigar retailers. The Alonso Menendez cigars are being released in the first quarter of 2013 along with a special Limited Edition 35th Anniversary blend which Menendez Amerino states will be their finest cigar to date. These two top selling cigar brands in Brazil are true 100% original Brazilian Puros—using only Brazilian grown Mata Fina and Mata Norte Tobacco for 35 years—and while 99% of all cigars produced today are Nicaraguan, Dominican and Honduran, these cigars hold a unique niche on the world market today.

Dona Flor USA/Double Edge Inc. is also proud of this unique legacy, and WAS chosen to be the exclusive DISTRIBUTOR and IMPORTER of the Menendez Amerino premium cigar lines. For more information on where to Find Your Dona Flor and for news of the Alonso Menendez re-launch, contact Dona Flor USA by phone or by email.  877.321.5569 | sales@donaflorusa.com

Dona Flor USA/ donaflorusa.com / 877.321.5569 / sales@donaflorusa.com

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29th Jul2012

2012 Brings New Vision and Blends To Graycliff Cigar Company

by GoodFellasCigars

New and Improved Factory Location, introduction of new blends and

G. Distributors Inc. returns as official distributor 

NASSAU, Bahamas (July 27, 2012) – Graycliff Cigar Company gets back to its roots and also unveils new innovations at the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association Convention in Orlando next week. The company will formally re-introduce G. Distributors Inc. to retailers as the official USA distributor of all Graycliff Cigars, launch two new blends and showcase its new production facility in The Bahamas.

“We’ve created two new blends at different spectrums of the market so that we can satisfy both the connoisseur and the novice cigar aficionado,” says Paolo Garzaroli president of the Graycliff Cigar Company. “And now that we’ve brought back distribution to our G. Distributors we’ll be able to control the distribution and protect our brick and mortar retail partners.”

G. Distributors Inc. returns

To guarantee Graycliff Cigar Company’s hands-on approach with retailers, G. Distributors Inc. has returned as the official wholesale distributor of Graycliff Cigars in the United States.  Graycliff Cigar Company made the change to ensure that retailers are confident not only in the brand, but also in the company’s customer service and support. Several members of the new sales team will be on-hand to meet retailers at the annual trade show.

Two new blends to satisfy all spectrums of the market

Graycliff Silver

Graycliff Cigar Company’s new blend, the Graycliff Silver, is the perfect addition to all cigar aficionados’ collections.  Heralding the renaissance of the classic cigars of yesteryear, this new limited edition cigar is immaculately packaged in a silver bullion vault of 24 cigars and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Graycliff Silver offers a perfect balance of body strength and flavor.  The tobacco is aged for a minimum of five years and blended in an intricate manner by hand.  The blend is made at the Graycliff Cigar Company in Nassau, Bahamas from tobacco from Costa Rica, Honduras, the Philippines, Nicaragua with the wrapper and binder from Ecuador.

The Graycliff Silver cigars are available in two vitolas:

  • Pirate (torpedo)        ring gauge 52 x 6”
  • “54” (toro)               ring gauge 54 x 6”

Currently aging, the cigars will ship in September.

The B-cuz by Graycliff

The B-cuz, Graycliff Cigar Company’s second new 2012 blend has a smooth Graycliff Cigar flavor with medium strength and a touch of authentic Bahamian spice.  A great introduction to the Graycliff brand at a lower price point, the B-cuz is blended with tobacco from Nicaragua and Honduras, with an Indonesian binder and wrapper from Ecuador.

Packaged in a bright neon orange box of 21 cigars, the B-cuz by Graycliff Cigars are available in two vitolas:

  • Torpedo                  ring gauge 52 x 6”    suggested retail price $7.95
  • Triple Robusto          ring gauge 54 x 6”    suggested retail price $7.50

The B-cuz will begin shipping August 15.

New production facility

In March 2012, the Graycliff Cigar Company moved to more spacious quarters located in the gardens of the Graycliff Hotel property.  The increased production needs for the new blends led to the move to the expanded production facility which also boasts a large smoking lounge where visitors can enjoy their cigars or a cigar rolling lesson.

In addition, the long awaited Chocolate Factory is under construction and will be opening shortly to the public for tours and chocolate making.

Retailers can place their orders for the new cigars by contacting their Graycliff Cigar Company sales representative or G. Distributors Inc., exclusive distributors of Graycliff Cigars at 866-264-1624 or by email at cigars@graycliff.com.

About the Graycliff Cigar Company

The Graycliff Cigar Company was founded by the Garzaroli Family when Paolo and Enrico Garzaroli fell in love with cigars but were unable to find that “perfect” cigar to complement what Graycliff Hotel and Restaurant has always been known for: excellent cuisine, fine wines and luxurious accommodations.

The Company began production in January 1997 in Nassau, The Bahamas. What then began as a single roller in the restaurant entrance way has now expanded to an award winning boutique Cigar Company with 16 master rollers, each an expert in their various format.

For additional information, please call the Graycliff Cigar Company at 1-242-302-9150 or 1-242-302-9191 or by fax 1-242-326-6110; e-mail: cigars@graycliff.com or browse our website at www.graycliff.com


CONTACT:       Roberta Garzaroli

tel (212) 764-0340

e-mail: roberta@graycliff.com

26th Jul2012

Toraño “Makes Time to Launch” 3 Releases at 2012 IPCPR

by GoodFellasCigars



(Miami, FL) July 26th, 2012: Toraño Family Cigar Company is excited to introduce three new releases at the 2012 IPCPR in Orlando.  The three new cigars are in addition to, and come on the heels of, the recent successful launch of the Master Maduro.

The first new release is called Salutem.  Salutem is packaged in a unique 12 count box.  The cigar is dressed in a beautiful Habano Ecuador wrapper, complemented by a binder from Jalapa, Nicaragua and completed with filler tobacco from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Cameroon. While Toraño blends have featured tobacco from Cameroon in the past, this is the first time Cameroon has been a component of the filler, giving Salutem a distinctive, rich cocoa flavor.

Salutem, which is actually a Latin term used when extending a friendly greeting, is a medium bodied, complex blend exhibiting balanced notes of earth, cocoa and spicy pepper with interesting aged cedar and leather flavors present on the long finish. Salutem is inspired by the character and strong will of those who overcome great challenges and adversity.  Salutem represents a celebration of life and raises a toast to all those who live life to the fullest.

The Toraño Family also proudly announces the launch of its new LFC line.  The LFC is a 4.25 x 60 line extension to four of Toraño’s most popular blends.  The family chose the LoyalMasterExodus 1959 – 50 Years, and Vault to be featured in this new line.  The cigars will be housed in a custom designed Toraño Family display. One display will feature all four brands in the new 4.25 x 60 size.

By popular demand, the Toraño Family has created the 90+ Rated Collection pack which will feature Toraño blends that have garnered a coveted 90+ rating from worldwide cigar publications. This highly rated group of cigars comes in a beautiful cedar pack of 6 x 50 Toros.

“This IPCPR is the most ambitious to date regarding new releases for Toraño.  We have been hard at work for many years to offer a diversity of flavors and packaging to our consumers and it’s exciting to get them to the market,” says Charlie Toraño, President of Toraño Family Cigar Company.

A leader in the cigar industry, Toraño Family Cigar Company is a four generation company currently based in Miami, FL. It enjoys a rich heritage and history in tobacco growing and manufacturing. For more information: www.torano.com. Please also follow Toraño on Face book: Toraño A Family Cigar Company or on Twitter: @TORANOFAMCIGAR

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16th Jul2012

Dona Flor Cigars Adds New Team Associates Right before IPCPR

by GoodFellasCigars

Date: JULY 16, 2012      


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(Miami, Florida)July 16, 2012— Dona Flor U.S.A. has been hard at work since their announcing the return of Dona Flor Cigars to U.S market. Creating new ads which can be seen in current cigar publications and flooding the media with reviews and news is just one aspect of the return of Dona Flor Cigars. Chris Edge, President of Dona Flor USA has been active behind the scenes and is proud to announce the hiring of three new sales associates who will join the Dona Flor U.S.A. team.

“While we at Dona Flor U.S.A. have received a ton of response coast to coast from interested distributors, we want to make sure that we work with the right team for our line of cigars, said Chris Edge. Our mission is to partner with, promote and support the brick and mortar stores. They are the backbone of the business and we aim to do everything that we can to keep their business thriving. “

Covering the great state of Florida, Mark Patterson of Naples, Fl. has been in the cigar business for close to 15 years. Mark began in the industry working in the largest retail store in South Carolina and soon found himself working for one of the major manufacturers in Florida. After six years he started his own business as an independent representative, which allowed him more flexibility to work with boutique lines. “There are a lot of great cigars out there and I am excited to work with Dona Flor U.S.A. as it allows me to offer a truly unique product to my customers,” says Mark. “It’s these unique brands that the store owners are looking to offer to their customers.” Mark travels the entire state of Florida from Pensacola to Key West and offers his customers unmatched service.

Dona Flor U.S.A. has found another passionate cigar enthusiast in Terrence “Terry” McLoughlin who services the great Midwest area of Ohio, Michigan, and Western Pennsylvania. Located in Toledo, Ohio, Terry travels this vast area bringing along with him almost 40 years of experience and knowledge of the cigar business. Terry has worked on the tasting panel for Smoke Magazine in 96 & 97 and the only thing Terry enjoys more than a Dona Flor Gran Corona, is smoking it while standing in the middle of a river with a fly rod in hand.  Terry is a perfect fit for the Dona Flor U.S.A. team.

The majestic mountains and coast line of the Pacific Northwest has produced another passionate enthusiast. Cary Bischoff of Northwest Cigars in Des Moines, Washington, spends his time covering Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Cary’s cigar enthusiasm began by spending his vacations working with a brother who owns his own cigar label. After 10 years of being around his passion, he struck out on his own and now carries several boutique cigar brands. Cary loves the uniqueness of flavor that only comes from a Dona Flor cigar and has positioned it as one of his top brands. “The attention to detail means everything,” says Cary, “and this Dona Flor Cigar is the perfect example.”

Dona Flor U.S.A. is currently searching for other motivated distributors in other parts of the country who possess the qualities that embody the Dona Flor line – a passion for promoting a unique cigar experience and embracing the good life as do Brazilians such as our namesake – the fiery Dona Flor. Chris Edge said, “We have established some solid independent distributors who bring not only a wealth of experience to the team but also a passion for the business. To find a passion for the business that matches the passion of the Dona Flor brand is indeed a difficult task, but attainable.”

Dona Flor U.S.A. is looking forward to a strong showing at the IPCPR in Orlando where they unveil Dona Flor cigars which have garnered ratings from Cigar Aficionado Magazine of 92, 89, and 88. With the exception of the Connecticut wrapper blend Dona Flor’s cigars are 100% “puro” with filler, binder, and wrapper all grown in Bahia which makes the final product one of the most unique and flavorful premium cigars in the world. You can find Chris at the IPCPR booths 401 & 403 along with his Brazilian counterparts from Menendez Amerino.


Dona Flor USA/ donaflorusa.com / 877.321.5569 / sales@donaflorusa.com




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