19th Mar2011

Cigar News for the Week of 3/13/11 – 3/18/11

by GoodFellasCigars

Movie Rango draws fire

The Movie Rango has got a lot of flack recently for depicting cigar and cigarette smoking. Rango is seen as being marketed to children and so is thought to impact kids on how they feel about smoking. We at Good Fellas Cigars have not seen Rango and can not comment on the validity of such complaints but, from the commercials it looks like a funny movie.

Minnesota may Tax Small Cigars Like cigarettes

Minnesota senators have proposed a tax increase on small cigars to cigarette tax levels. Possible legislation would close what some consider a loop hole in Minnesota law as they equate cigarettes with so called small cigars. Small cigars are much like cigarattes but with usually higher quality tobacco such as pipe tobacco, though some are simply cigarettes labeled as cigars to avoid being taxed as such.

Villiger of Switzerland Seeks to Enter Premium Cigar Market

Villiger Soehne AG faces an immense challenge in order to effectively  establish themselves in the premium cigar market. Villigar suffers from its widely held image as a seller of cigarillos. Recently the European cigar market has been on fire making room for villager to make their luxury debut. Hopefully Villiger can contribute their knowledge of cigars to the cigar world by producing a line worthy of a cigar connoisseur.

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