26th Mar2011

Cigar News for the Week of 3/20/11 – 3/25/11

by GoodFellasCigars

First Cigar Factory to feature organic tobacco

Recently the House of Cigars Factory, first federally licensed factory in Texas, started making the first cigars with what they call organic tobacco that uses no pesticides and are placed in a controlled environment to preserve quality. The reason for this is the Martinez’s want to be different from other cigar bars and make their own blend. They created the Big Daddy which retails for 38 bucks which uses a blend marinated in brandy and Madagascar vanilla bean and molasses from upstate New York, and uses leafs from Colombia, Mexico Ecuador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Santo Domingo and Puerto Rico. Overall sounds like an interesting concept.


Maryland Cigar Tax Bill Rejected in Committee

On Monday the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee voted 12-1 to label the bill as unfavorable. This means the bill will be seen on the chamber calendar under the label of  Unfavorable Reports and so will probably be voted down.

Senate Bill 654 called for Maryland’s other tobacco products tax, if passed would it have raised taxes from 15 to 95 percent. But on a slightly the bright note the tax would top off at $3. On the not so bright side it would be an increase of 533 %. The bill would also increase the tax on little cigars and cigarettes.


Saving an Old Cigar Factory

To save the building two conditions must be met. The first is to seal the building until a restoration plan is in place. The second is an environmental valuation to determine the severity of contamination of mold and animal feces. Anyone entering the building must wear protective clothing to avoid getting ill. But, one major obstacle is obtaining funding to even have a chance to complete restoration and upkeep.


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