10th Apr2011

Cigar News for the Week of 4/3/11 – 4/8/11

by GoodFellasCigars

Padilla and Oliva expected to make new cigar

  • Announced Oliva Cigar Company’s Studio Tobac is going to collabrate with Padilla Cigars to make a limited-edition, single-size cigar releasing in August. This cigar will have 1,000 boxes of 10, be made from Nicaraguan puro, and will be figurado. Good Fellas will report more on this in the future when we hear more.


Cigar Tax Cap Rejected

  • This week in New York lawmakers passed a $132.5 billion budget and fortunately threw out a tax proposal that was going to add a $1 tax cap on a single cigar.  This part of the bill failed to gain support due to the lobbying of the International Premium Cigars & Pipe Retailers, Cigar Rights of America, Cigar Association of America, and state-level retailer association.We here at Good Fellas highly support these groups and thank them for all their efforts in making sure our love of cigars never disappears.


The top 5 cigars for the person who needs everything

  • This week Vin Lee, CEO, Beverly Hills Cigar Club choose his top 5 cigars he would want to get his hands on. First would be the Gurkha “Black Dragon” which is at a steep price of $1,150. This cigar is a limited edition that only had 5 boxes of 100 cigars made and that uses rare and old tobaccos from all over the world. Second is the Cohiba “Behike” which was released at the 2010 XII Festival del Habano. It has a distinct flavor that sets it apart from the rest and can only be smoked legally in Europe and Cuba and the price for this one is $470. Third is Goldwin Tobacco’s “Louixs” is the most expensive cigar in full production. This cigar was named after Louixs XIV, King of France, and the price is $50. Fourth is a more well known by most is the Arturo Fuente’s “Opus X” that is a rich, full-bodied cigar thats price is $35. Lastly is the Padron’s “Series 1926 80 years” which was released to to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Padron’s founder, Jose Padron and the price of this is $30. If anyone is able to get their hands on some of these we here at Good Fellas say do it will you can because these are to die for!



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