06th May2011

Cigar News for the Week of 5/1/2011 – 5/6/2011

by GoodFellasCigars

Happy Belated Cinco de Mayo!

On this Mexican holiday that celebrates the victory over French forces by the Mexican army many of you may have been marking the occasion with shots and mixed drinks of Tequila, the unofficial party drink of Mexico and the Jersey Shore. But, have you heard of Tequila lesser know cousin Mezcal? Well, if you haven’t don’t feel bad. Mezcal is just starting to gain in popularity in the United States but, this should have happened long ago. Unlike tequila, mezcal has a wider range of noticable flavors most prominent among the different mezcals is smokiness but, is in no way confined to this favors can even be apple, mint, citrus, sweetness, vegetable, and even tobacco. With anything in the consumer world there are better products than others and this is also true with Mezcal.

Mezcals You may Like:

  • Los Nahuales (Espadin Reposado) – Flavors: chocolate, tobacco, orange, caramel, vanilla.
  • Del Maguey (Chichicapa) – Flavors: smoke, mint, citrus, earth 
  • Los Amantes (Joven) – Flavors: apple, pepper, pear, smoke 

Cigar Roller Brakes his own World Record

This week Jose “Cueto” Castelar that man who had the Guinness World Record for the biggest cigar ever made which was 43.38 meters topped it by almost double! He made a new one that was 81.80 meters making it the longest Cuban cigar in the world. Castelar said Cuba should have the world’s largest cigar because Cuba is known for having the world’s best tobacco harvest. He finished this masterpiece one week before Havana International Tourism Fair. This cigar had over 90 kg of tobacco in it and was rolled in the Morro Cabana fortress and across 7 rooms inside of it.



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