06th Jan2011


by GoodFellasCigars

Cohiba which name comes from the Taino word for tobacco. They have two brands that are produced, one in the Dominican Republic which is known here in the US and the other which is Cuban owned. Cohiba has tobacco which is unique to itself because it has been under fermentation a lot longer than most cigar brands. The brand itself was created in 1968 as a limited production made for Fidel Castro and other officials for the Cuban Communist Party and wasn’t released to the public until 1982. The name wasn’t registered in the US until 1978 by General Cigar Company and not produced on a large scale for the public till 1997. The common misconception by people when they are smoking a Cohiba is that they are smoking a Cuban which in fact more often than not they are smoking one from the Dominican Republic.

List of Cohiba cigars

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