08th Feb2012

Crémo Excelsior

by GoodFellasCigars

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Dominican Republic and Nicaragua
Shape: Robusto
Size: 5 x 50
Country: United States of America
Factory: El Titan de Bronze
Strength: Light – Medium
Production: Full Production ?
Price Range: MRSP $8

The original Cremo Cigars now long gone have been resurrected as Crémo Cigar company hoping to capture some of the original company’s spark and along with their own. The modern Crémo cigar cigar company has a vision of making exceptional cigars that will translate into high customer satisfaction.

Crémo with a tilde on the didn’t just magically spring form the earth set on making cigars. Instead it is the brain child of Walter “Lilo” Santiago. In Miami influenced by the rich smell of cigar smoke and trying one himself he discovered a his passion for not just for cigars but for the art of smoking.

Deciding to turn this passion into something more he set out to create his own cigar brand. Walter found El Titan de Bronze Cigar Factory and met with master blender Willy Herrera (now with Drew Estate) who helped him blend Crémo cigars.

How does Crémo actually stack up? Is the company meeting its vision of  making exceptional cigars that inevitably make for happy Customers? Oh yes, I believe they are meeting this vision if the rest of the Crémo line of cigars is anything like our hot pick, the Crémo Excelsior.

The Look: The Crémo Excelsior is a robusto sized cigar measuring 5 inches by 50 ring gauge. It is fitted with a triple capped head and sports a clean smooth light brown-tan wrapper with minimal veins. The pack is feels extremely thick and has what seems as absolutely no give. The lack of give from being so hard gave some concern as to whether the draw would be sufficient. The cigar was also fitted with a white band with a light brown-tan Crémo logo print on the band.

The Start: The wrapper and foot of the Crémo Excelsior gave off sweet and strong aromas of fresh cedar, spice, and sweet manure. After taking note of the aromas of the cigar I moved on to the pre-light draw. It was semi-smooth rich in sugar sweetness, and had flavors of cedar, spice and light mint. Lighting the cigar with three inch long Crémo branded matches a warm smoke could be drawn from the cigar providing flavors of smooth spice, barnyard, sweet cream, wood.

The Beginning: Into the first third of the Crémo Excelsior the flavor profile was incredibly smooth and consisted of bitter sweet flavors, roasted coffee, hickory wood, pungent spice followed by earth. There is a sweet tone that at this point is eluding from being pin pointed. Following came a finish of caramelized sugar, black pepper, and slight bite. The burn was quite even but the draw could be improved upon. The ash that was produced was white to light gray with some medium gray areas. It’s ash stayed almost through the entire first third. On the retro-hale there was smooth pink pepper and a very small amount of bitterness that goes along with vanilla bean. Farther into the first third the pink pepper is backing down with the vanilla bean was coming up and mixing well with it, there was also a woody cedar tone.

The Middle: In the second third of the Crémo Excelsior, the cigar, was yet again very smooth. The favor profile composed of bittersweet mild coffee, nice and smooth, creamy nut, spice combines very well with bittersweet vanilla bean that is nicely balanced topped off by sweet cedar at the finish. The voluminous smoke produced was light gray, toasty, and inviting. The draw significantly improved over the first third. The ash in the second third was firm and had a coloration of very white with a small amount of gray. Combine the draw and firm ash with the almost razor sharp burn you have a superbly constructed cigar. At rest smoky wisps exude form the cigar that carry an aroma of toasted cedar. At this point a thought comes to mind that this cigar would go very nicely with a lighter profile sipper.

The End: The final third arrives and along with it a flavor profile of a spicy sweetness made up of charred hickory, a sweet spice of orange peel; mint and clove, creamy espresso, earth, and a toasty smoke. The finish showed to have bitter sweet wood tones along with a mixture of spice. Yet again the burn was incredibly even and the draw easy to pull. The Crémo Excelsior’s final third seemed to keep going as it was smoke to the nub. It stayed  that good!

Final Thoughts: WOW! The subtle complexity of this lighter medium bodied cigar that lasted about an hour and five minutes along with the excellent construction displayed in the Crémo Excelsior makes it something special. Over all one should take their time to enjoy this cigar. I would be interested to see how Crémo expands it offering in the future. This cigar, even though it was very good does not sufficiently round out the Crémo cigar offerings. The essence of the Crémo Excelsior some how converted into a maduro or even an oscuro format would bring that punch that this cigar may be lacking. That being said I asked Walter if there was anything down the pipe line in terms of new cigars. He told me that a Maduro version is in the works that will be out later in year and that he expects it to be a big hit. This would I believe set a wonderful base of products for this company going forward.


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