16th Aug2011

FDA Poking its Nose into Regulating Cigars

by GoodFellasCigars

The Food and Drug Admiration could sail into territory it was never meant to go into. Cigars are the most recent target of government regulation. This has been made politically possible by glorified cigarettes such as Djarum Black brand and others being forced to modify their packaging and makeup to avoid being taxed and/or banned as flavored tobacco product as the though being that flavored cigarettes are marketed and consumed by kids. These products changed just enough to be legally indexed under large cigars. This is major threat to the premium cigar industry.

If legislation is not passed to distance premium cigars from these “flavored cigars”, the whole cigar industry could collapse depriving cigar aficionados from their beloved pass time and more importantly destroying countless jobs not only in other countries but also in the United States.  Not only could tax increase exponentially pricing may out of buying cigar and in turn costing jobs but, research and development an already expensive process  would be slowed to a crawl. The FDA may require all new cigar blends to submitted for testing and approval or a dreaded denial.

Watch the video above by Corona Cigar Co. for more information on this misguided attempt by the FDA to detrimentally regulate cigars into oblivion.

Support S.1461 & HR 1639 – The Traditional Cigar Manufacturing & Small Business Jobs Preservation Act. And by doing so save countless of “mom and pop” cigar shops, premium cigar manufacturers and their employees from being regulated out of business by the FDA.

Track the status of the these bills in the  House and Senate


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