03rd May2009

Fonseca Cigar

by GoodFellasCigars

Fonseca was created by Don Francisco E. Fonseca, who was born in 1869/1870 in Manzanillo, Cuba. He created the first factory and cigar in 1892 in Havana, Cuba. He didn’t register the actual brand under his name until 1907. These cigars became popular very quick mainly by his practices in packaging the cigars in tin tubes and wrapping them in Japanese tissue paper which is still being done today. The Don passed away early in 1929 of a heart attack and his wife Doña Teresa took over the business later merging the brand with G. Montero and T. Castañeda forming a firm of Castañeda, Montero, Fonseca SA. These cigars are still produced at the Lázaro Pena Factory in Havana and are considered mild. Mainly popular in Canada and Spain.Fonseca host to brands, one being Cuban for Habanos SA and the other made in the Dominican Republic for MATASA.

List of Fonseca cigars

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