06th Sep2011

GoodFellasCigars has Turned One Year Old

by GoodFellasCigars

Hope you had a relaxing cigar filled summer! We at GoodFellasCigars.com sure did. Other than enjoying the weather and smoking more than a few sticks we also were busy at work overhauling the website and adding components to the GoodFellasCigars network. We are also excited to announce GoodFellasCigars.com reached its 1styear anniversary and with this are announcing 1st Year Anniversary Contest!

First off the whole look and feel of the GoodFellasCigars.com has been completely changed for better user friendliness and a more natural feel. In addition to post snippets being shown below an animated interactive slider that shows you the featured posts, news, and reviews, is now at the top of the home page.

GoodFellasCigars.com has now become more than your place to get cigar posts, reviews, and news it is now a place where you can shop several merchants so you can have a wide variety of choices in anywhere form self-regulating humidors to your favorite cigar. http://goodfellascigars.com/store

Our pictures have now become sharper and just plain awesome thanks to Manson Photo . Our collection of professionally shot photos can be accessed here.

You may already know GoodFellasCigars has a Facebook page and twitter account. We encourage you to become a fan of ourFacebook page and follow us on Twitter. Now in addition to this we are live on YouTube . Currently we have three videos up on calibrating an analog and digital hygrometer, seasoning a humidor the right way and there are many more to come.

Starting in August we started to high light one cigar by making it our cigar of the month. These reviews will as always be detailed but these reviews will also have their own sharp and stylized picture album embedded in the post by Manson Photo. On top of this we will also periodically have a hot pick featured.

We believe these additions and changes will benefit you and we would like to thank you and all our fans that make GoodFellasCigars.com possible with a prize give away contest. Click here and follow the contest rules and you maybe one of our lucky winners: http://goodfellascigars.com/1-year-anniversary-contest/.

– Enjoy our additions and Good Luck on the contest – GoodFellasCigars.com

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