24th Jul2010

Hand Rolled Cigars

by GoodFellasCigars

hand rolled cigarsAll premium cigars are hand rolled. Though quality does vary between the different brands and even different cigars produced by the same company. Rolling a cigar properly is a complex task that requires expert hands. Rolling a cigar is only one part of six step process but arguably the most important part of producing a cigar aside from quality tobacco used in the cigar.

There are lower quality hand rolled cigars such as Backwoods; the only lower end cigar Good Fellas Cigars will recommend. These cigars are for quick smokes or for a tight budget. Backwoods only use two of the 6 steps premium use. An example of a non-hand rolled cigar is a Swisher Sweets. Good Fellas Cigars DOES NOT recommend these cigars because of a low quality factory produced product.

How to Hand Roll Cigars & Smoking Tips : How to Wrap the Hand Rolled Cigar

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