02nd Sep2011

How to Calibrate a Digital Hygrometer

by GoodFellasCigars

You will need:

  1.  A digital hygrometer
  2.  A bottle cap the size of a water bottle cap or bigger
  3.  Salt
  4.  Water
  5.  A sealable plastic container or sealable plastic bag

Complete the following steps calibrate your analog hygrometer:

  1. Take the cap and fill it with salt until it is just under level with the top of the cap
  2. Add a slight amount of water to the salt in the cap in order to just make a salt paste mixture. DO NOT over saturate.
  3. Place the cap with the pasty salt mixture in to the container or bag and be careful to not spill its contents
  4. Place the digital hygrometer into the container or bag as well
  5. Seal the container or sealable bag air tight
  6. Wait for twenty-four hours
  7. Take out the hygrometer out of the container or plastic bag
  8. Check and note the reading on the digital hygrometer
  9. If the hygrometer does not read seventy-five degrees you will have to adjust the reading. Adjusting varies depending on the make and model of the digital hygrometer. In this instance to calibrate the xikar digital hygrometer pressing and holding the center button for a few seconds will make it read seventy-five degrees. In other common digital hygrometers that have dials you will have to turn the dial either left or right until it reads seventy-five degrees. Always read the directions for your particular make and model to make sure your digital hygrometer is adjusted properly.

If you have followed these steps you have now successfully calibrated your digital hygrometer

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