06th Sep2011

How To Series

by GoodFellasCigars

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  • Joe

    On your how-to video on seasoning a humidor, what size are the heartfelt bead tubes that you use? They appear to be small. My new humidor is 720 cubic inches. Would it work the same if I used one larger tube (good for up to 1080 cubic inches) instead of 4 small ones (good for up to 270 cubic inches each)? Thanks in advance for your response.

    • GoodFellasCigars

      The Heartfelt bead tubes we used to season and regulate the humidor in the video are four Medium 65% Rh (BLUE Cap) Heartfelt Beads Humidity Tubes.

      You can use one larger bead tube as long as it is meets the needs of your humidor. You will have to change the process for seasoning your humidor from the one shown in our video on how to season a humidor if want to use that process.

  • Joe

    Thanks for your response. This might be a stupid question, but if a medium tube is good for up to 540 cubic inches (according to Heartfelt’s website), and my humidor is 720 cubic inches, wouldn’t 4 tubes be far too much humidity? Or does it maintain 65% RH regardless of how many tubes are in the humidor? Thanks again for your response.

    • GoodFellasCigars

      Good question, the Heartfelt bead tubes are made to maintain relative humidity at what they are rated for. So, adding more bead tubes may help keep the relative humidity at what they are rated for.

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