06th Sep2011

Indian Tabac Super Fuerte Petit Belicoso Maduro

by GoodFellasCigars

Filler: Nicaragua, Hondura, and Costa Rica

Binder: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Costa Rica

Shape: Petit Belicoso

Size: 5.5 x 52

Country: Honduras


Indian Tabac was formed in the 90s with the goal of satisfying authentic cigar aficionados. Indian Tabac Super Fuerte lends to the expectation that this stick will be a medium to full bodied. It translates to Indian Tabac Super Strong. The Indian Tabac Super Fuerte Petit Belicoso Maduro has been well received by the cigar. Cigar Aficionado awarded it a very respectable 92.

Does the Super Fuerte Petit Belicoso Maduro deserve a 92? Yes, yes it does. From the band one would not know that Indian Tabac is the spawn of Rocky Patel. Rocky Patel is known for producing many premium brands and this is one of them. The main difference between this brand and Rocky’s other brands is the price. Indian Tabac is relatively inexpensive compared to Rocky Patel’s more well know cigars. This in itself is reason enough to give Indian Tabac a try. A quality stick for half or more off? Yes please. And, to top it all off these cigars use a combination of four year minimum aged Nicaraguan, Honduran, and Costa Rican fillers.

The initial draw was a bit tight, brought earthy flavors, and a sweet finish. The first third was medium bodied and featured earthy, cocoa, and a slight sweetness. The burn was fairly even. So far a good start.

The second third was the highpoint of the Indian Tabac Super Fuerte Petit Belicoso Maduro. This was the most multifaceted part of this cigar. Mocha, spice, creamy semi-sweet cacao, and nutty tones complemented pleasantly with the earthy hints. Here the Indian Tabac Super Fuerte Petit Belicoso Maduro draw opened up and thick rich white smoke followed.

The final third was still very good but many of the flavors subsided. What was left was a rich hearty, semi-sweet cacao and leathery flavors. Also, by this time into the smoke the cigar became truly full bodied. In essence the final third was the epitome of a maduro smoke.

Over all the Indian Tabac Super Fuerte Petit Belicoso Maduro was just a great cigar. But, the only down fall may have been a draw that was wanting of more. This though is trifle to what was a very enjoyable smoke and inexpensive smoke.


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