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Interview with Marc Keiser Owner of Marco V

Check out our in depth interview we did with Marc Keiser, owner of Marco V cigars!

Hot Pick – Crémo Excelsior

See why the Crémo Excelsior is our HOT PICK

23rd Apr2012
cremo cigar logo and smoke

Crémo Premium Cigars Facebook Contest

Crémo Premium Cigars is having a Facebook Contest to get to 1,000 likes on its Facebook page. Someone is going to get a FREE BOX of Crémo cigars.

22nd Apr2012

Interview with Marc Keiser Owner of Marco V

We interviewed Marc Keiser, owner of Marco V. a Minnesota based boutique cigar company.

03rd Apr2012
Camacho Corojo Monarca Candela - green and brown bands

Camacho Corojo Monarca Candela

Spring is increasingly in the air (for those in the northern hemisphere) which means that plants are going to become more and more green. So, why not celebrate this with a candela cigar?

27th Mar2012
601 La Bomba Atom

601 La Bomba Atom

I've always enjoyed the Viaje Skull and Bones line due to the shear strength that these little guys pack. Recently someone told me about a cigar that was comparable to that line so I had to give them a try of course.