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Interview with Marc Keiser Owner of Marco V

Check out our in depth interview we did with Marc Keiser, owner of Marco V cigars!

Hot Pick – Crémo Excelsior

See why the Crémo Excelsior is our HOT PICK

14th Mar2012
White Label band 4

Viaje White Label Project Winter Classic

I would love to smoke this cigar in front of a fire place with a good beer or now that the weather is nice again, by a bonfire again with a good beer.

12th Mar2012
Rocky Patel - Patel Brothers

Patel Bros. Corona

Patel Bros. Corona (Quickie)

07th Mar2012
Cu-Avana Punisher

Cu-Avana Punisher

The Cu-Avana Punisher was a very intense and spicy cigar. Interestingly though as the smoke progressed it seemed to become less spicy...

05th Mar2012
Super_Shot_10_Gauge Burn 2

Viaje Super Shot 10 Gauge

The Viaje Super Shot 10 Gauge was a very strong cigar though definitely not as strong as any of the Viaje Skull and Bone series.