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Interview with Marc Keiser Owner of Marco V

Check out our in depth interview we did with Marc Keiser, owner of Marco V cigars!

Hot Pick – Crémo Excelsior

See why the Crémo Excelsior is our HOT PICK

01st Mar2012
Viaje Satori Zen 2011 featured

Viaje Satori Zen 2011

Satori is the Japanese word for enlightenment, used to refer to a deep or lasting realization of the nature of existence.

27th Feb2012
Viaje Honey and Hand Grenades IPCPR 2012

Viaje Hints at its Debuts for IPCPR 2012

Andre Farkes told us that there would be a clue of what is to come form Viaje in one of the shipments of Viaje cigars to cigar stores.

26th Feb2012
viaje samurai plantino band draft 4

Pre-Release Viaje Plantino Samurai Maduro

It has finally arrived! BURN Premium Cigar Specialists have received 99 boxes of its fifth anniversary limited edition cigar, the Viaje Samurai Maduro.

24th Feb2012


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