06th Apr2011

Que America Maduro

by GoodFellasCigars

Wrapper: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Binder: Nicaraguan

Right off the bat the Que America Maduro caught my senses starting off with a kind of rugged look with a little amount of veins that were really dark and a sweet smell of rich Jack Daniels. And who doesn’t like some booze with their cigar or in this case in their cigar but, I would like to dispel those of you that are already think of this as a flavored cigar. It is actually made of three year aged Nicaraguan Puro that has been aged for an additional year in a 35 year-old Jack Daniel’s barrel. This is a firm cigar with a little bit of give that immediately snaps back after the touch. The initial draw took some effort that produced a little amount of smoke with a Jack Daniels sweetness along with a woody spice and an almond tone. The cigar itself gave off a sweet wood aroma when idle. The first third of the Que had slow burn with a JD sweetness and a spice that complimented each other very well. The closer one comes to the second third of the cigar the more of a mixed nut flavor begins to come out of this cigar. As the second third approaches the JD sweetness tames down by playing tag with the spice coming back in and out with nuts and woody spice being the most prominent at this point. Also, Around this point the cigar begins to produce more smoke with the burn  probably needing touch up if I wanted to but, it was nothing that would inhibit the rest of the smoke. The ash is extremely white and decently firm and stays on but, the Que America Maduro can’t set down for a long time without it going out. As for the finish it composed of nutty flavors with a woody spice. Toward the end the burn evens out. The cigar became noticeably harsh at the remaining one fourth mark. Keep going after this mark if harshness is your thing but, otherwise stop. Overall Que America did a really awesome twist on aging their tobacco that made an excellent cigar producing flavors that have not yet been experienced and we here at Good Fellas Cigars are looking forward to what Que America will produce in the future!

visit Que America http://queamericacigars.web44.net/


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