04th Apr2011

Que America Natural

by GoodFellasCigars

Wrapper: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Binder: Nicaraguan


Imagine a room that smells of the pleasant aroma of Jack Daniel’s all emanating from a lit cigar. That in itself should get one excited for the prospects of this cigar. The Que America cigars are Nicaraguan puros aged for three years before being aged for an additional year in a 35 year old Jack Daniel’s Barrel. Sound interesting; wish you thought of this so simple and yet so unique? We do too.

The Que America Natural is a light bodied cigar with no band. As expected is has a prominent Jack Daniel’s flavor is present, has a hint of sugar and a cognac like finish; which combines to produce a sweetened form of Jack Daniel’s. The burn can be uneven and the ash is a very light gray. The Que America Natural’s construction is decent. The draw is smooth and produces a very respectable amount of smoke. At first light to about half way through the cigar is light bodied and has a sweet Jack Daniel’s flavor. Half way through the cigar gets stronger and the Jack Daniel’s flavor is amplified. Three fourths of the way through the cigar gets slightly harsh but is hardly noticeable.

Do not smoke the Que America Natural too fast as with all cigars if smoked too fast the cigar may become harsh. This is especially true with the Que America Natural because of its flavor profile. The flavor profile of prominent Jack Daniel’s may build and combine with a harshness that can be unpleasant.  For the sake of common sense just enjoy this cigar and other cigar; do not rush through it.

The Que America Natural would make an excellent after dinner cigar to compliment a fine dinner. This cigar is more of a treat than a daily cigar. You don’t drink Jack Daniel’s  or any other kind of whiskey every day hopefully you have broader horizons. You don’t want to ruin a good thing by making this cigar common place. But, this in no way is meant to put down this cigar. Again this cigar is more of a  luxury that you allow yourself to every once in a while. Over all this is a great cigar that we highly recommend to par with a complementary meal and if you are with friends they will thank you for your insight in paring prowess.

visit Que America http://queamericacigars.web44.net/

3 Responses to “Que America Natural”

  • bamajs

    Where can I purchase a couple of these online to try?



    • GoodFellasCigars

      I am not aware that there are any online outlets that sell the Que American cigars yet but, the Que America Website has a list of authorized dealers that you can most likely order from. queamericacigars.web44.net/

  • Ron C.

    The Que America Natural is truly a treat, from start to finish. Smooth and tastefull. I would suggest this cigar to everyone, only I hope it doesn’t make it more difficult to get more for myself!

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