19th Aug2011

Room101 Connecticut 615c

by GoodFellasCigars

Wrapper: Connecticut (Ecuador)
Binder: Corojo (Honduras)
Filler: Honduras & Dominican Republic
Shape: Churchill
Size: 615
Country: Honduras
Total production: 200,000 cigars

Matt Booth, founder of the Room101 lifestyle brand called this addition to the Room101 core line “Connecticut with a kick!”. And it is! Anyone looking for an amazing blend featuring a ton pepper and spice must get their hands on this line.

The pre-light draw tasted sweet, sugary, and like cedar and so was the aroma of the foot and wrapper most likely due to the Connecticut wrapper.

The initial draw had flavors of sweet creamy tobacco and a strong crack pepper with an after shock finish that tingled tongue yet is remarkably smooth and had  a very light hint of caramelized sugar spice mixture. The first third was medium to full bodied and featured lots of crack pepper with a bite, along with leather, spice, cedar, and very light hint of caramelized sugar. the draw smooth and only required a little effort. The burn started to become slightly jagged but a possible correction was not needed. This was a very good start the Room101 615 Connecticut especially the great flavors bursting forth from it.

In the second third  the crack pepper component mellowed, with a nice mix of light spice and caramelized sugar was still prominent and an interesting citrus type sweetness, almondy nut flavor began to develop. The burn evened out in second third. The ash a black-gray with a loose flakiness held strong for a good two inches or more. Even though the crack pepper wasn’t there to dish out a little one-two punch the flavors really balanced quit well.

The final third mellowed even more and the cigar transitioned into a solid medium body with only a slight crack pepper kick.  This, combined with a nut, cedar, dry earth spice, mix and underlying sweetness can only be described as a tongue trip!

The Room101 Connecticut was just an overall wonderful cigar. Velvety soft to the touch , slight veins, good construction, and most important of all a balanced complex spiced Connecticut blend that won’t quit. Don’t wait to try this cigar for you will every moment spend that you could have enjoyed this fine cigar.



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