26th Oct2011

Marco V Havana Box Pressed Robusto

by GoodFellasCigars

Wrapper: Havana  2000 from Corojo Seeds

Filler: Blend of 4 Piloto Cubano Ligero and Corona Tobaccos from the Dominican Republic

Binder: Piloto Cubano

Shape: Box Pressed

Size: 5 x 50

Country: Dominican Republic

Strength: Medium-Full

Average Price: Around $6 Minnesota Price (we have high tax)

The Marco V Havana Box Pressed Robusto by Marc Kiser, owner of Marco V, is an excellent, even smoke if your looking to just kick back and relax with your friends. The one of the reasons we enjoy this cigar, is the man that makes them is from our home state of Minnesota and two, this cigar is an amazing smoke for a nice long walk or relaxing with some of your buds having something sweet or creamy to drink.

The construction is nice and clean with this stick having the Marco V logo really pop on the band. Very minimal veins, nice and light in referring the overall weight of the cigar, and the wrapper is cleanly put together. Decent give when pressing against the cigar but, snaps back immediately after releasing. The foot smells of sweet tobacco and as for the pre-draw it is very smooth and easy with the flavor of sweet tobacco mainly being there.

The initial light has a aroma of a rich oak and the flavors noticed are a pungent pepper, rich oak, and a spicy nut. The first third keeps a consistent profile of a really defined oak flavor along with a nut tone that’s decently spicy. The draw is very lite and smooth with the burn being jagged, the ash a grey/white mix that is loose and semi-flaky. The ash being loose makes sense due to the light nature of the draw.

Going through the second third the spice begins to kick up more then before making the nut flavor nice and warming on the palate. A oak/earth mix is also still present along side too but, it remains in the background noticeable on the end of each draw. At this point or technically in general for this cigar I suggest taking it slow to enjoy the overall flavors, if you go too fast the cigar will heat up and become harsh with this one. Like I said in the beginning this is a stick that’s meant to be enjoyed on a long walk or just chilling with your friends. The burn at this point has evened out and now is going steady. As for the smoke, each draw produces quite a bit and when it is resting not that much is produced. Once again you really notice the nutty, warm spice at this point which is most likely due to the Corojo wrapper.

The last third is the same flavor profile as before with the spice tingling the tongue and the only other thing I picked up at this point was a very lite underlying licorice tone that was quite pleasant after the spice. The finish was a warm woody nut with a pepper spice that followed.

Overall this is a great everyday bargain smoke that I would have if I just needed to sit down and take a load off for a decent amount of time. If your interested and want to know anything more about Marco V cigars check out their site: http://www.marcovcigars.com/Home_Page.html

24th Oct2011

Glen Case, Owner of Kristoff Cigars

by GoodFellasCigars

Kristoff Cigars was created in 2005 by Glen Case. A man that always had a passion for cigars that worked in the corporate world for about 19 years with the last 9 at a bank in Chicago but, then decided one day to quit his bank job and pursue his passion, cigars. He first started as a independent sales rep for other cigar manufactures and about 6 months after he begin that he decided it was time for his own company. His original name was Exclusive Cigars and after awhile started realizing the cigars that were doing good were the ones he named Kristoff. So he decided to re brand and name the company Kristoff and from their the company you see today was born. The name Kristoff itself comes from his son’s name Kristoffer. When coming up in the beginning the company itself had a few growing pains such as draw issues but these were quickly over come with new technology in the industry for testing the draw on a cigar. Glen likes to live by the business philosophy of quality, consistency, and availability for his company which you can see it has really paid off for him. Kristoff is now currently the fastest growing boutique manufacturers in the cigar industry. They use double and triple fermented tobacco from all over the world and are known for pleasing the light to medium bodied smoker out there. Lastly another fact about Kristoff is that Glen named their other cigar the Brittania Reserva after his daughter.

Video done in collaboration with MansonPhoto of Manson Photography