11th Sep2012

Quickie: Carlos Torano Master Habano Maduro Toro Gordo

by GoodFellasCigars

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano Maduro
Binder: Ecuadoran Habano
Filler:  Nicaraguan and Dominican
Shape: Toro Gordo
Size: 5.5 x 54
Country: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium
Production: Full Production
Price Range: MRSP $7.00

The Carlos Torano Master Habano Maduro Toro Gordo is something fairly new from the Torano family. This cigar complements the original Torano Master by introducing a Nicaraguan shade wrapper instead of the Habano leaf from Ecuador. The new take on the Torano Master doesn’t disappoint at all!  Just looking at this stick you can see the dark and oily Nicaraguan wrapper is just hinting at how sweet and spicy this smoke is going to be.  Also looking at this cigar I see that it is double capped and has a few large rough veins. The wrapper also seems it has a color scheme of a maduro and an oscuro mix that has the effect of looking two toned. Finally I felt the pack of the cigar which is firm without any give to it. The first third of the Master Habano Maduro has an excellent balance of sweet and spicy. It is complex but not overwhelming. The main base of flavor comes from oak followed by a nice and toasty warm cocoa. Along with this is a creamy caramel and one other flavor I can’t seem to pin point just yet.

Just before the second third I give the cigar a quick retro-haul picking up the flavor of barnyard hay. Going through the second third I was finally able to pin point the final flavor of a candy type hazelnut. Other flavors that kind of seemed present were a gingerbread and a mocha. The sweetness goes down ever so slightly with the warm cocoa going up with the oak flavor. The right amount of spice is still present too and when approaching the final third an almond comes into play. The final third for the most part consists of oak at center stage with the creamy caramel, cocoa, and spice mix still present.

The finish was chewy and oaky with the flavors from before staying almost perfect all the way to the end. The ash all throughout the smoke was slightly flaky and holding almost about an inch long and, was white with a tad bit of light grey mixed in. As for the draw it was near effortless with floods of smoke off each puff. Even when resting in the ash tray a lot of smoke was coming off it. Lastly the burn started off jagged then corrects itself before the second third but, after the halfway point it goes jagged again and need a correction. All in all the Carlos Torano Master Habano Maduro Toro Gordo was an extremely good stick that I would smoke again and recommend to anyone that likes something with a complex and warm profile but, yet stays steady all the way to the nub.


11th Jul2011

Carlos Toraño Exodus 1959 50 Years Box Press

by GoodFellasCigars

Wrapper: Brazilian Arapiraca Sun-Grown

Binder: Honduran

Filler: Esteli & Pueblo Nuevo, Nicaraguan

Size: 5 x 55

Shape: Box Press

Country: Nicaragua

Made by: Scandinavian Tobacco Group, Estelí

The Carlos Toraño Exodus 1959 50 Years Box Press is meant commemorate the 50 years since the exodus that was caused by Cuba’s Communist Revolution. Among those in the exodus was Carlos Toraño, who fled the country to begin a new life in the free world. This cigar was also rated a 93 and was number 12 of 25 of the year.  It starts off with a beautiful Brazilian Arapiraca Sun-Grown wrapper which is known for its tendencies to explode with a perfect spiciness which pairs perfectly with the sweetness of Nicaraguan fillers. This being said, the initial light produces a large amount of spice along with an undertone of a dark chocolate. There was also a slight hint of cinnamon, yes I did say cinnamon; this threw me off solely because I have had dreams of having a cigar with hints of cinnamon, so now I couldn’t wait to smoke this stick. The draw was perfect with just the right amount of smoke along with the production of a good amount of smoke. I began to pick up on notes of a slight cocoa flavor once I got into the second third. This cigar was becoming sweet while the spice from the wrapper remained making this cigar very complex. As I got into the final third of this smoke the spice picked up a little bit while the sweetness was still just as prominent. The flavors traveled all around the palate and made this a very satisfying cigar. The next time you are looking for a cigar, make sure to grab one of these and give it a try. The cigar was a very easy smoke, and it burnt like any cigar connoisseur could want. Not once did I have to touch up this cigar, the burn remained razor tight, the draw was perfect, and there was a nice amount of smoke output throughout the entire smoke.

20th Jun2011

Toraño Family Cigar To Unveil New Brand “Loyal” at 2011 IPCPR Las Vegas

by GoodFellasCigars


(Miami, FL) June 20, 2011: Toraño Family Cigar Company is proud to announce the launch of the family’s newest brand: Loyal, which will be hitting the shelves this July. The Toraño family will unveil its newest creation at the upcoming 2011 IPCPR in Las Vegas.

Carlos Toraño Sr. has always maintained that anyone who enjoys a cigar deserves to smoke a great Toraño blend at an affordable price. For decades, Carlos and his son, Charlie, have remained loyal to this philosophy of providing outstanding value to cigar lovers. Loyal provides value, quality, consistency, and most importantly, an abundance of flavor.”

“Our new brand Loyal is dedicated to my father’s long standing commitment to provide exceptional quality cigars without breaking the bank. To him cigars were never a far reaching luxury, but one of life’s simple pleasures”, said Charlie Toraño president, Toraño Family Cigars.  Loyal will be available in a 5×56 Robusto, a 6 1/8 x52 Torpedo, a 7×47 Churchill, and a 6×60 BFC, all with an MSRP between $4.95-$5.50.

Displayed in attractive 21 count boxes, the Loyal blend features fillers from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, combined with a Nicaraguan binder and dressed in an oily Ecuadorian Sumatra seed wrapper. Loyal is a solid, medium bodied smoke, that intrigues the palate with a spicy, peppery start and then transitions to a variety of rich flavours with notes of coffee and brown sugar.

The announcement of Loyal comes on the heels of recent exciting news from the Toraño Family Cigar Co.  In the past 30 days Toraño announced distribution agreements with Graycliff and the Sam Leccia Cigar Co.  The Toraño’s see no slowing down till the IPCPR in Las Vegas as they are putting the final touches on yet another brand which will be announced in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

A leader in the cigar industry, Toraño Family Cigar Company is a four generation company currently based in Miami, FL. It enjoys a rich heritage and history in tobacco growing and manufacturing. For more information: www.torano.com. Please also follow Toraño on Face book: Toraño A family Cigar Company or on Twitter: @TORANOFAMCIGARS.


13th Apr2011

Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 Silver Edition

by GoodFellasCigars

Wrapper: Honduran

Binder: Costa Rican

Filler: Honduran, Costa Rican, and Mexican

Country: Honduras

If your looking for a great everyday medium-bodied smoke look no farther because the Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 Silver Edition is what you will want. These cigars were name after the Exodus of Cuban families the Toranos were a part of in 1959 during Castro’s Regime. The wrapper was dark and oily with very low amounts of veins with great construction. The draw was smooth and the initials flavors were of nutty tones, earth, and kinda grassy. The burn was even all the way through this stick. The ash was gray and somewhat loose with this one. This cigar had a complex flavor profile that never got harsh. The flavors most prominent throughout were the nuts and rich tobacco. Other notes that were present during the smoke were a spice and sweet blend of pepper, cocoa, and coffee. Overall this is a recommend smoke if your looking for something thats a great everyday smoke thats not overwhelming.