09th Oct2012

Quickie: San Miguel Churchill

by GoodFellasCigars

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Shape: Churchill

Size: 7 x 48

Country/Factory: Nicaragua

Strength: Medium

Price Range: $6.50

For this review I decided to go with something I got out of a sample pack for a change. The cigar I chose was the San Miguel Churchill. The brand San Miguel first came into the cigar scene during the 2010 IPCPR trade show. It is Nicaraguan based and claims to offer a complex, satisfying, and smooth taste. The band is what really stood out to me. It is a depiction of an angel stomping/standing on the devil. As for the build of this stick it is a box-pressed Churchill with small veins that run the length of a cigar and overall feels great while holding in the hand. The pack has a little bit of give that slowly snaps back after pressing into it which is gives the impression this will be a smokey cigar. It’s also double capped and has a very clean wrap. The first third was of a mild black pepper that had a little bit of a salt flavor to counter balance it along with a creamy roasted peanut. The other notes I picked up on that were not as prevalent were a light amount of leather and milk chocolate. I also gave a quick retro-haul that revealed a mild spice.

Going into the second third I noticed a transition into the more earthy flavors. Along with a light hay flavor of a barn and some nutmeg. The spice begins to build up more noticeably, but the creamy sweetness of the mild chocolate is still prevalent making for a really good balance to the flavor profile. It is very smooth in the second section of this stick and I’m really enjoying it. The last third revolves around the earth and hay mixture with leather being the second most prominent. A sweet and spice mix lingering in the background. So, overall very different from the first third.

The finish was earthy hay and leather, so pretty dark. San Miguel’s ash was a white and black mix that stayed firm to an inch with no flakes. As for the draw it was smooth right off that bat and remained that way throughout the remainder of the cigar. Lastly the burn started off with a jagged edge that needed a correction in the beginning, but after that correction it stayed straight all the way to the end. My final thoughts on the San Miguel Churchill are that it’s good for being decently new in the cigar world with a decently complex flavor profile and great flavor and so I would recommend for people to give it a try.

16th Jul2012

Dona Flor Cigars Adds New Team Associates Right before IPCPR

by GoodFellasCigars

Date: JULY 16, 2012      


Media Contact:

Gabriel Pineres   786.541.7411






(Miami, Florida)July 16, 2012— Dona Flor U.S.A. has been hard at work since their announcing the return of Dona Flor Cigars to U.S market. Creating new ads which can be seen in current cigar publications and flooding the media with reviews and news is just one aspect of the return of Dona Flor Cigars. Chris Edge, President of Dona Flor USA has been active behind the scenes and is proud to announce the hiring of three new sales associates who will join the Dona Flor U.S.A. team.

“While we at Dona Flor U.S.A. have received a ton of response coast to coast from interested distributors, we want to make sure that we work with the right team for our line of cigars, said Chris Edge. Our mission is to partner with, promote and support the brick and mortar stores. They are the backbone of the business and we aim to do everything that we can to keep their business thriving. “

Covering the great state of Florida, Mark Patterson of Naples, Fl. has been in the cigar business for close to 15 years. Mark began in the industry working in the largest retail store in South Carolina and soon found himself working for one of the major manufacturers in Florida. After six years he started his own business as an independent representative, which allowed him more flexibility to work with boutique lines. “There are a lot of great cigars out there and I am excited to work with Dona Flor U.S.A. as it allows me to offer a truly unique product to my customers,” says Mark. “It’s these unique brands that the store owners are looking to offer to their customers.” Mark travels the entire state of Florida from Pensacola to Key West and offers his customers unmatched service.

Dona Flor U.S.A. has found another passionate cigar enthusiast in Terrence “Terry” McLoughlin who services the great Midwest area of Ohio, Michigan, and Western Pennsylvania. Located in Toledo, Ohio, Terry travels this vast area bringing along with him almost 40 years of experience and knowledge of the cigar business. Terry has worked on the tasting panel for Smoke Magazine in 96 & 97 and the only thing Terry enjoys more than a Dona Flor Gran Corona, is smoking it while standing in the middle of a river with a fly rod in hand.  Terry is a perfect fit for the Dona Flor U.S.A. team.

The majestic mountains and coast line of the Pacific Northwest has produced another passionate enthusiast. Cary Bischoff of Northwest Cigars in Des Moines, Washington, spends his time covering Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Cary’s cigar enthusiasm began by spending his vacations working with a brother who owns his own cigar label. After 10 years of being around his passion, he struck out on his own and now carries several boutique cigar brands. Cary loves the uniqueness of flavor that only comes from a Dona Flor cigar and has positioned it as one of his top brands. “The attention to detail means everything,” says Cary, “and this Dona Flor Cigar is the perfect example.”

Dona Flor U.S.A. is currently searching for other motivated distributors in other parts of the country who possess the qualities that embody the Dona Flor line – a passion for promoting a unique cigar experience and embracing the good life as do Brazilians such as our namesake – the fiery Dona Flor. Chris Edge said, “We have established some solid independent distributors who bring not only a wealth of experience to the team but also a passion for the business. To find a passion for the business that matches the passion of the Dona Flor brand is indeed a difficult task, but attainable.”

Dona Flor U.S.A. is looking forward to a strong showing at the IPCPR in Orlando where they unveil Dona Flor cigars which have garnered ratings from Cigar Aficionado Magazine of 92, 89, and 88. With the exception of the Connecticut wrapper blend Dona Flor’s cigars are 100% “puro” with filler, binder, and wrapper all grown in Bahia which makes the final product one of the most unique and flavorful premium cigars in the world. You can find Chris at the IPCPR booths 401 & 403 along with his Brazilian counterparts from Menendez Amerino.


Dona Flor USA/ donaflorusa.com / 877.321.5569 / sales@donaflorusa.com




Gabriel Pineres
Principal, Creativas Group Public Relations, Branding & Events
786.541.7411 Direct

23rd Apr2012

Room101 One Shot One Kill (O.S.O.K) Filero

by GoodFellasCigars

Wrapper:  Ecuadorian Habano

Binder: Honduran Corojo

Filler: Honduran Corojo & Dominican Republic Piloto Ligero

Shape: Filero

Size: 52 x 42 x 4 1/2

Country: Tabacos Rancho Jamastran, Honduras

Strength: Medium-Full

Date Released: January 2012

Production1,000 Boxes of 10 Cigars (10,000 Total Cigars)

Price Range: $8.00

Spring is finally here and so is our Cigar of the Month for April! This month we have chosen something from Room101 because we believe this is a cigar everyone has to try. It is called the Room101 One Shot One Kill (O.S.O.K) Filero.  Some of you may be wondering how does one come up with the name One Shot One Kill. The story behind this starts directly from who made this cigar which is of course Matt Booth along with collaboration from his friend, a southern California photographer, Edgar Hoill. His nickname is One Shot One Kill due to the fact he can produce amazing photos with one click of the camera. Edgar Hoill is most known for taking very moving photographs of Mexican border towns and slums in Cuba. He is also known for his clothing company as well called O.S.O.K. The One Shot One Kill was debuted at IPCPR 2011 in Las Vegas and was officially released this January in three different sizes that are all a Diadema/Perfecto mix. For the Cigar of the Month we chose the smallest of the three called the Filero.

The Look: The Room101 One Shot One Kill is not your typical cigar, it is not enclosed by cellophane or even a cedar sheath. It’s not enclosed by one protective cover but two! The outermost cover is basically a mini poster once undone. It has a decorative black and white skull on it that fits the tribal theme Matt Booth is always trying to portray in his cigar lines. The next layer of defense is a tissue like paper that’s twisted at the ends like a toostie roll. Once fully unwrapped we see the cigar’s shape which is a mix between a Perfecto and a Diadema. It closely resembles to an Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story. The band is matte black with silver along with the abraviation O.S.O.K which is a lot different than what was shown at IPCPR 2011 in Las Vegas. Also we notice on the back is a QR code that upon scanning with a devise that has a QR program or application leads to Room101’s Facebook. I love the idea of this and I could see more people in the industry begin to use this. The pack on this cigar is a little soft and it doesn’t really snap back after releasing. Maybe this will affect the burn or maybe not. There are no veins really present and overall it just has excellent construction from cap to foot.

The Start: I began to smell the foot and wrapper and they both have the same aroma of a sweet yet mild barnyard. From that alone I can tell this is going to be a nice and rich cigar. I gave the pointed cap a straight cut even though this would also go good with a v-cut. The pre-draw has a flavor of sweet tobacco and the draw itself required effort obviously due to the pointed foot. As for the initial draw it was a really rich and creamy cocoa which can also be described as a milk chocolate.

The Beginning: To start off the first section of the O.S.O.K it has a main flavor profile of a smooth pink pepper spice that combines perfectly with the milk chocolate from the initial draw. On the back burner are tones of a dry wood that makes the smoke nice and cooling on the palate. I’m really loving the profile on this cigar right now! It’s just an overall rich smoke that has alot of flavor packed into each puff. The ash is a peppered mix color that is nice and firm. As for the burn it’s wavy to begin with but, after it moved past the foot it evens out a lot; only now it has a very small wave. The draw still requires some effort but after you move past the foot farther into the first third it opens up quite a bit more. Also when getting past the foot a flavor of a rich wheat begins to appear that makes a nice full smoke. I’m loving this smoke!

The Middle: As I move into the second third the flavors and smoke just kept becoming more and more creamy. It’s wonderful! I also picked up a small hint of anise and some sort of milk, like an eggnog, but not quite. Can’t seem to put my finger on it though. Maybe a RumChata? The profile for the most part is still keeping what is was before with the milk chocolate, pink pepper, and the smokey wood along with the hints of other flavors here and there. These flavors start to become alot richer after moving past the halfway point when the cigar begins to narrow again. The burn here is almost nearly perfect and the draw keeps becoming easier as more time passes. The ash was still remaining firm and was now transitioning to all white with a little bit of grey. At this point in the O.S.O.K the smoke is very smooth and creamy which makes the palate water like a good dessert!

The End: It’s sad to say that this cigar is coming to an end because now I am into the last third of the Room101 One Shot One Kill. I just didn’t want it to end. The profile is still remaining consistent and rich all the way. One of the only things that changed in this part of the cigar is that a toasted almond came into play which further complimented the overall flavor profile. This baby, I smoked all the way to the nub. It was that creamy and smooth. The finish consisted of a mild spice along with a creamy and smokey wood.

Final Thoughts: All in all this cigar took me about an hour and 15 minutes and it was simply amazing being packed with so much creamy flavor it felt like I just had a meal. My biggest suggestion with this stick is to just have a water to truly enjoy all the flavors. I have also smoked the larger size which is called the Trucha. That one took me about two to two and half hours. It’s flavor was still the same as this little guy but if your looking for a longer smoke of the One Shot One Kill I suggest that but if your looking for a lot more flavor then stick with the Filero. I just can’t keep stating how much I enjoy this stick. Matt Booth along with Edgar Hoill did it on this one, from the cigar to the way it was presented, all of it was just spot on. If you haven’t really heard of Room101 I suggest you check out their other sticks too because Matt is doing a great job these days on the lines he has been releasing from the Room101 Connecticut 615c to the Room101 LTD Namakubi Papi Chulo. Happy smoking people and don’t over look this one, go out and give it a try!

Special thanks to MansonPhoto from MansonPhoto.com for the photos.

01st Nov2011

Illusione mj12 Maduro

by GoodFellasCigars

Wrapper:  San Andreas Maduro

Binder: Nicaraguan  Corojo/Criollo

Filler: Nicaragua Corojo

Shape: Toro

Size: 6″ x 54

Country: Honduras

Strength: Medium – Full

Price Range: $10

Dion Giolito, owner of Illusione Cigars unveiled a Maduro line of the Illusione at IPCPR 2011.  This line comes in four sizes cg:4, 888, 88, and mj12. Dion Giolito takes an interest in conspiracy theories and that is reflected in the names of most of his cigars. For instance  the mj12, The Majestic 12, is the supposed code name of a top secret committee form in 1947 by an executive order of President Harry Truman composing of military leaders, scientists, and government officials. This committee set out to investigate UFOs after the events of Roswell. Rumor has it that The Majestic 12 is still in operation.

In keeping with the alien theme, the original mj12 is stylistically wrapped in silver foil. The silver foil alludes to the silver foil found at Roswell in 1947. In contrast, the maduro version is wrapped in a black paper.

Illusione cigars made a splash with the Natural version of the mj12 and now adding a maduro version has yet again made a fantastic leap into the proverbial pool. The mj12 Maduro has changed the changed the game by adding a great twist on the maduro concept. What comes to mind to when thinking about a maduro cigar? Got it? Well I’m guessing home baked spiced gingerbread did not come to mind. This cigar oozes rustic home cooking and it works fantastically well. Enough of making everyone crave gingerbread snaps, lets get to the smoke.

At first look the Illusione mj12 has a very inviting coloring of gold tones mixed in with a  brown spectrum. It is quite firm to the touch and does not compress when slight pressure is applied. The aroma coming from the cigar before being the lit up consisted of a very pleasant and oddly comforting light barnyard and hay mix.

With Lake Superior just feet in away of me I lit the foot of the cigar and commenced on a very relaxing smoke filled journey that believe it or not did not involve aliens. The first thing that is noticeable is a warmth that is emitted form the cigar with underlying flavors that would need some coxing of a couple more draws. From this coxing one could pick out spices most notably allspice wrapped in wonderful warmth. The finish had much more flavor to it. Spiced gingerbread and tones of cinnamon was residing toward the back of the mouth. The draw though was decent and the burn was slightly wavy. This was a good start to the Illusione mj12 Maduro.

With the coming of the second third the flavor profile added smooth bitterness of black pepper, adding more of a bite to the cigar. The finish of gingerbread and tones of cinnamon seemed to tone down but, this may be due to the flavor of the draw coming closer to fruition. The draw which improved became a quite solid. The burn became less wavy evening out. Over all the second third was fairly consistent with the the first third. Which even though not changing incredibly a lot it was still very good considering the unique flavor profile coming together so well that it has to keep your interest.

Transitioning into the final third the flavors intensify. The Illusione mj12 Maduro is still quite smooth, keeping the flavors of the previous two thirds but with the addition of wood tones. Complementing this nicely the finish resurged with a welcomed vengeance of toasted allspice, cinnamon with the expected spiced bite that comes with those classic flavors. The draw opened up quite nicely, producing a good amount of smoke. The burn remained fairly even. One has to smoke the Illusione mj12 Maduro all the way through. It would be a shame not to experience the greatness of the final third of this cigar.

Over all the Illusione mj12 Maduro is a fantastic cigar. It oozes the essence of home baking that is very much welcome as the weather starts to cool and, for this reason The Illusione mj12 Maduro is fittingly November’s Cigar of the Month. Illusione really hit this one out of the park by adding such a unique and unexpected spin on the maduro concept. Hopefully this cigar starts a flavor revolution in the cigar industry, going for the unconventional and bring us cigars that we will never expect but never forget.

A special thanks to MansonPhoto from MansonPhoto.com for the pictures please rate and comment on the photos because he would love your feedback!


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