25th Sep2012

Quickie: Cuba Libre The Brute

by GoodFellasCigars

Wrapper: Corojo
Binder: Honduran
Filler:  Nicaraguan
Shape: Box-pressed
Size: 4.5 x 60
Country: Costa Rica
Strength: Medium
Production: Full Production
Price Range: MRSP $2.10

Nestor Plasencia, the man who is a cigar maker of Cuban decent that owns factories in Nicaragua and Honduras which have been contracted by people such as Rocky Patel. Plasencia is also accredited with creating 5 Vegas Gold, Gurkha Avenger G5,  Cu Avana Intenso, and many more.  The cigar I chose for this review, Cuba Libre The Brute, was also created by this master roller. The Brute is a short and stubby box-pressed cigar that has a very smooth wrap with really no veins that are noticeable. As for the pack on this stick is has zero give. Traveling through the first third I get flavors of a dry nuttiness, earth, and leather. The spice is very minimal and the smoke is nice and buttery.

The second third doesn’t really add anymore complexity to this cigar unfortunately. The main profile is prominently made of a dry nuttiness and a musky barnyard wood. This also reminds me of earth and leather mixture. Lastly I got hints of a dark roast coffee and just like the first third the smoke was slightly buttery.  As for the final third of the cigar the earth tones become decently heavy along with the nuts and leather in the background. So overall it’s getting very dark tasting at this point with a hint of underlying cream.

Finally to the finish off this Brute. It has dark flavors of earth and leather that a good cup of dark roast coffee would go great with! The draw the whole time took semi effort but, nothing to stressing. A downfall though with The Brute was the burn which need a correction at the end of the first third otherwise it stayed even the rest of the way. The ash didn’t flake at all and was of a dark grey peppered with black. The strength of the ash was average around a half an inch.  I would recommend smoking this one slow to prevent it from going harsh. Overall the Cuba Libre The Brute was an average medium bodied smoke that would go great if your looking for a yard work stick or playing poker and all your really worrying about is just a standard simple stick.



20th Sep2011

Nica Libre Potencia Double Robusto

by GoodFellasCigars

Wrapper: Nicaraguan-Habano Sun Grown

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Shape: Double Robusto

Size: 5 x 54

Country: Nicaragua

The Nica Libre Potencia based off Cuban style with the triple cap has a oily dark brown wrapper with a hint of red, small amount of veins, and smells earthy. Also firm to the touch with no soft spots I noticed. This is a small-batch from the Oliva family. The name “Potencia” mean “power” in spanish which can be somewhat seen in this cigar.  It’s a fuller-bodied than the standard Nica Libre. The initial draw was smooth with a little bit of effort but, nothing to really annoy someone and produced a decent amount of smoke. The initial flavors that were present was a earthyness like a wood with a small amount of spice that was accompanied with an underlying sweetness. First third of this stick keeps the earthy wood profile with the spice becoming a more prominent figure now. The ash is white with a small amount of grey splashed in here and there. The body is for the most part medium and not really strong as I heard some people say. The smoke is creamy and as I begin the second third the spice goes down more turning into kind of a pink pepper. A note of nuts was in and out during the second third aswell. The ash is holding firm at this point too. The final third still remains with the creamy spice, prominent nut notes and a earthy tone. As for the finish it is long and remains the same as before. Overall this a pretty good stick with the warm profile of flavors. I say try this if you want a overall average stick for mowing the lawn or taking the dog on a walk.