06th Oct2012

Quickie: Marco V CAM

by GoodFellasCigars

Wrapper: Cameroon
Binder: La Canela DR
Filler:  La Canela DR
Shape: Fabuloso
Size: 54 x 6″
Strength: Medium
Production: Limited to Stogies on Grand
Price Range: MRSP $6.50

Stogies on Grand in St. Paul, Minnesota was the first retailer ever to carry Marco V Cigars. In honor of this an exclusive Marco V cigar was produced for Stogies on Grand, the Marco V CAM. An event to introduce the cigar was held on September 22  from 2 – 6 PM at Stogies on Grand which was attended by Marc Keiser the owner of Marco V Cigars who is pictured below holding a Marco V CAM in Stogies on Grand’s walk-in humidor. The Marco V CAM cigar is a medium bodied fabuloso with a Cameroon wrapper. The name presumably is derived from the word Cameroon as most of you have probably already realized. This double capped cigar’s wrapper has small to medium sized veins that are darker in color than the main lighter brown color of the wrapper. The wrapper also has irregularly shaped darker patchy areas throughout the surface of the cigar. The cigar itself is not incredibly symmetrical and is somewhat spongy. The overall look seems to me to be a kind of rustic look which complements the fall season well.

After cutting and lighting up the Marco V CAM and going into the first third a flavor profile of creamy woody spice, with subtle nut, rich tobacco, very mild black pepper and hazelnut was present. The second third contained a nice mild spice and sweetness with hazelnut and oak. Upon a retro-hale during the second third a warm mild woody spice presented itself. The final third contained caramelized sugar, toasted wood, and a lingering spice that complemented the wood flavor. There was a nice zing of spice though out the smoke of this cigar.

Overall this was a pleasant cigar. The ash was mostly darker to medium gray and was semi firm. The draw was smooth and combined with the bit of sponginess of the cigar made for a faster smoke than would be expected for this size of cigar. The burn was mostly even through the smoke. Overall this cigar was very enjoyable and complemented the fall season well and as always Marco V’s are great for the price point.