17th Oct2011

FDA to Expand Regulation to Cigars

by GoodFellasCigars

In September, the FDA acted to tighten its grip on tobacco products from cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products to now include cigars. The regulation of cigars can kill the industry and transform it into a sad shell to what it is today. The most freighting thing is that these new regulations can be put in at any time!

  • Higher prices from cigar user fees or “taxes” that will fund this crackbrained bureaucracy
  • Bans on walk-in humidors
  • Implementation of grotesque health warnings covering 50% of cigar boxes. This will extinguish the tradition of decorative artwork on cigar boxes that is so engrained into the cigar culture
  • Ban of self-service displays
  • Mandated bland black-and-white only cigar advertisements
  • Ban of in-store cigar tastings
  • Prohibition of branded merchandise
  • Ban free-cigar events and most likely other cigar events
  • End of mail order and internet sales
  • Ban on all flavored cigars
  • Imposing low nicotine levels for all cigars, effectively wiping out full bodied strong cigars
  • FDA over seen time consuming and, expensive testing, analysis and final approval or disapproval of new blends, slowing down or decimating innovation
  • Small batch and limited edition cigars releases will be severely hindered (What is your favorite small batch cigar?)

The FDA and the Department of Health are blinded by their hate of tobacco and need to control what every American does with their lives is fighting what they see is a holy war, to bring the cigar industry firmly into its control and squeeze the life out of it.

“Until we end tobacco use, more people will become addicted…Now is the time to fully implement proven and effective interventions…to help end this public health epidemic once and for all.” – Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius

But, there is an even more sinister side to all of this. The fall of premium cigars will be like a lit fuse setting off a chain reaction to include fast food, and anything that can be in any way used by a consumer. It will NOT stop!

But, in all this darkness there is light! Believe it or not, not every one of our elected officials are complete idiots. Support is growing for The Traditional Cigar Manufacturing and Small Business Jobs Preservation Act, maybe our only chance to stop the FDA from erroneously expanding its power.

This support though may not be enough unless you contact your Representatives and Senators and Demand they standup for your rights by supporting the “Traditional Cigar Manufacturing & Small Business Preservation Act,” (H.R. 1639 in Congress and S.1461 in the Senate).

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For the easiest, way to tell your elected officials to support this bill go to www.cigarrights.org/action

Track the status and who sponsors these bills in the  House and Senate