24th Oct2011

Tatuaje Monster Series Wolfman

by GoodFellasCigars

Wrapper:  Ecuadorian Sumatra

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Shape: Box Pressed Torpedo

Size: 7.5″ x 52

Country: Nicaragua

Factory: My Father Cigars S.A.

Strength: Medium to Full

Production: 666 dressed boxes with 13 cigars each and 1,500 plain boxes with 10 cigars each

Price Range:  suggested retail price $13.00


The Tatuaje Wolfman is the fourth installment in Tatuaje’s very popular and coveted Monster Series. This cigar is based on the Cojonu 2009 blend and is crafted at the Garcia’s family’s My Father Cigars S.A. factory in Estelí, Nicaragua which has probably contributed to the Wolfman’s excellent construction. It also sports a short rough foot exposing the some filler tobacco, which is a first for Tatuaje.

Pete Johnson owner of Tatuaje Cigars, Inc. was inspired to create the Monster Series from his love of the monster horror genre in movies. All Monster Series releases have been limited to 666 dressed 13 capacity numbered boxes, only available from 13 lottery winning stores.

These Monster Series cigars have become a cult classic not only for the cigar but also for the dressed box which only number in total 666. Very limited production and high demand has caused Pete Johnson to modify the Monster Series by adding plain boxes with capacities of 10 cigars.

Pete Johnson tweeted on October 5, “The Monster release is out of control. Problem is people want the box when really the cigar is the only thing that should be of concern.”

This previous year there were 1,300 plain boxes that totaled 13,000 cigars, continuing the Halloween number theme. In contrast for the Tatuaje Wolfman the tradition has been broken. Around 1,500 have been produced. This is not something to shed a tear over. If more people can get their hands on the Wolfman while keeping the spirit of Halloween especially with the dressed boxes, it is a good thing.

Now let’s get back to what is really important the cigar. Pretty boxes are cool but, if the cigar doesn’t smoke well then why get it? Well to alleviate anyone’s fear that this cigar is subpar, it is not in fact this cigar was very enjoyable composing of very dynamic flavor profile.

The initial draw was had a bitter over tone yet was very smooth. This was a surprising yet very enjoyable start. A couple more puffs into the first third and ponding what flavors had just been experienced the flavor profile showed itself. The flavor profile consisted of a bitter bite of dark roast coffee espresso, and creamy dark chocolate that contributed to a light sweet undertone. As fast as this wonderful apparition of flavors was there it was gone. The draw was very good. The finish was a light lingering dark chocolate capped this mix of flavors off very well. It seemed as though the intensity of the rough foot was lessened going into the covered body but, actually it may not have as one bewitched to the interesting cauldron of flavors.

Transitioning into the second third showed an addition of flavors. The Tatuaje Wolfman was still very smooth, there was a little more bite from the coffee bean, and two new flavors sprung up a very light crack pepper with a spicy roasted wood nut. The finish of an enjoyably bitter dark chocolate and fading espresso goes faster than one would expect form the intensity of the bite. One thing that did not change was a great draw that really added to the experience of smoking this frightfully delicious cigar. Though a light correction was in order to help the slightly jagged burn.

The final third is a warm and inviting smoke, which features nutty, woody flavors with great semisweet bitter dark chocolate undertone. The finish was a mixture of spice, which tingles the tongue, with the bitterness of espresso right after. The draw was still smooth as ever. The burn was still pretty even that produces quite a bit of smoke off the draw. Toward the end the cigar started to cone in and was easily corrected which may have been in part caused from how long the Wolfman is. Even so the last third stayed on par with the rest of the cigar.

The Tatuaje Wolfman was frightfully wonderful. It was complex and well balanced. Each third takes one on different yet very enjoyable trail of terror. This cigar lends itself well to be paired with a semi-sweet creamy drink or a good autumn brew. Smoke’m if you have’m you will not be disappointed.

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Wolfman held up with fire in background.jpg
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