10th Jan2011

Viaje Cigars

by GoodFellasCigars

Viaje, which means “journey” in spanish, is a boutique cigar company that is known for its idea of small batch production; sometimes producing as few as 50 boxes of a particular line of cigars. Andre Farkas is the founder of Viaje Cigar CO, which is based out of Los Angeles, California. Viaje was put on the map when they were placed #2 on the Cigar Aficionado top 25 with a rating of 95! While many of the Viaje lines have been right around the medium body range, but Andre has released a few of lines that will make you sit down and feel like you just went 10 rounds with Muhammad Ali. The Viaje Skull and Bones releases have been known to be extremely powerful, the MOAB was one of the strongest cigars I have ever had. Viaje also released the Zombie this past April as well as the Black Label Fifty-Fifty which was composed of 2 blends in one cigar, the Fifty-Fifty went from Full, to Fuller. Viaje releases new lines of cigars close to every quarter of a year, often coming out with seasonal lines that fit the time of year.

List of Viaje cigars:

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