12th Jan2012

Viaje Exclusivo Atlantic Cigar Co 15th Anniversary Lancero

by GoodFellasCigars

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo 99

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Shape: Lancero

Size: 7 1/2 x 40

Country: Honduras

Production: 140 boxes of 25 cigars each (3,500)

Strength: Medium – Full

Price Range: $9.20

In celebration of Atlantic Cigar Company’s 15 years in business Viaje was commissioned and produced an exclusive commemorative cigar; the Viaje Exclusivo Atlantic Cigar Co 15th Anniversary Lancero. This cigar is the first and one of a handful cigars that will be crafted by various cigar companies that will celebrate Atlantic Cigar Co 15th Anniversary. All releases will most likely be extremely limited as the Viaje Exclusivo Atlantic Cigar Co 15th Anniversary Lancero has a production of a mere 3,500 cigars in total. Least to say these will be a target for any collector.

After cutting the Viaje Exclusivo Atlantic Cigar Co 15th Anniversary Lancero; the predraw provided a pleasant lightly spiced tobacco taste.  Then after lighting, the initial draw of the first third consisted of a dominating caramelized sugar flavor and tones of slight spice mixed with the caramelized sugar on the finish. The rest of the first third featured a spiced caramelized sugar flavor and a strong finish of caramelized sugar notes. The draw was decent and the burn was fairly even. As the cigar burned a small dark ash formed which remanded consistent throughout of the cigar.

Transitioning into the second third the flavor profile shifted to feature wood tones and the finish became slightly lighter but still quite strong which composed of strong caramelized sugar, faint citrus, and light wood tones. The draw improved becoming solidly decent.

The Viaje Exclusivo Atlantic Cigar Co 15th Anniversary Lancero’s final third continued on the improvement of the second third. Its draw opened up nicely, making this an enjoyable smoke. The overall taste flavor profile reverted back to the first third again featuring caramelized sugar and spice but the caramelized sugar flavor lessened. The finish contained a caramelized sugar, wood and with slight bitterness. The burn was a little wavy but did not take anything away from the cigar.

Over all the Viaje Exclusivo Atlantic Cigar Co 15th Anniversary Lancero was a good cigar but needed some relights that may have been due to slowly being smoked and had one interesting quirk. The finish was by far by far stronger than the fairly light flavors and tones of the flavor profile. That quirk though a bit surprising only added a unique character to an already very limited cigar. Get your hands on these and hold them for a while you may not come across any more.

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