14th Nov2011

Viaje Fifty Fifty Red Label No. 2 (2011)

by GoodFellasCigars

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo

Binder:  Nicaraguan

Filler:  Nicaraguan

Shape: No. 2

Size:  6 x 50

Country: Nicaragua

Strength: Medium to Full

Price Range: Around $13.00

After bringing you the review of the Black Label here is our take on the second half of the Fifty Fifty Series but, first I will recap. To start off I will say a little background to what the Viaje Fifty Fifty series is about. It first made it’s debut in 2009 and after that it was meant to be an annual release for Viaje. The thing that sets these cigars apart is that they involve taking two different blends which they then combine into a single cigar. Overall this is a unique concept developed by Andre Farkas and his crew at Viaje. The Fifty Fifty series has always a pair of two when released, one Black, and one Red. The difference is usually the Black Label is to be considered a more full-bodied smoke referring to the body and strength. The Fifty Fifty is usually available in 3 sizes which are:

No. 1: 5 5 /8 x 46
No. 2: 6 x 50
No. 3: 7 x 47

And now to the cigar itself. The Viaje Fifty Fifty Red Label has a little pig tail just like the Black Label, a firm pack near the foot and a softer pack near the cap with overall smooth construction, and light amount of veins. The wrapper/foot had a woody smoke smell along with some sweetness. Then the pre-light draw was a lot smoother than what I experience with the Black Label and the pre-light flavors were a sweet and spice mix of tobacco.

Upon first light the smoke entered giving the palate a tingling, warming sensation that gave flavors of pink pepper, a spice that is spicy but, not overwhelming to the point of its an ass kicker. Along with the initial light the smoke gave the aroma of a pungent campfire smell which reminded me of the smell the foot and the wrapper had.

The first third of the Viaje Fifty Fifty Red Label kept the spice from the initial draw but, not as strong and along with the spice is a dark cocoa. The aroma coming off is of a rich, warm tobacco. The main profile of the first third though stays consistent with a spicy, musky, barnyard earth flavor having a decent amount of smoke come off with each draw. As for the ash it is black/dark grey just like the Black Label but, the draw is smoother here than the Black Label. The burn on the other hand is becoming jagged at the transition point in the second third.

Traveling through the second third I begin to noticed the spice going down which is making me think that were beginning to transition. I was sure right just before the half way mark I begin to pick up flavors of a mild peanut flavor that begin to make the smoke really creamy. At this point too the spice tone reminded me of a burning cedar that was great! It made a great, full, warm smoke on the palate. Going past the halfway point the burn started slowly correcting itself but, the ashy was still loose at flaky just like the Black Label.

The final third has the spice go down a little bit more where it becomes a underlying tone kind of like it comes around after each finish of a draw. The main profile here is a big mix though, starting with the warm nut with a tad bit of musky. As I get more into the final third the full transition becomes apparent with the profile being bitter espresso that is decently strong with some bite to it on the tongue. Along with all this is a dry earth flavor and as always the underlying spice that’s still kinda there. More bitter than spice though at the end. The tobacco loosens up too making the draw even easier and the burn also evens out more too.

The finish is slightly dry, mainly being bitter along with a earthy nut and lastly with the underlying spice being there. Overall the Viaje Fifty Fifty Red Label profile was great going from spicy to creamy to finally a bitter, nutty earth flavor. The only downfall was the same ones as the Black Label being the jagged burn and flaky ash except, the Red Label had a better draw. I suggest people still try this Viaje because it’s a great concept having a cigar that has a beginning that’s totally different from the end.

Review on the Viaje Fifty Fifty Black Label No. 3 (2011)

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Viaje Fifty Fifty Red Label No. 2 (2011) 2.jpg
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Rating: 3.00

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  • MadRobusto

    Pink pepper………….this makes me go hmmmmmmmm. Still worth trying in my book. I appreciate what the folks at Viaje do, always pushing the envelope in developing a unique cigar. Thanks for the review!

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