23rd Jan2012

Viaje Plantino Samurai 2012

by GoodFellasCigars

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo 99
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Shape: Corona Gorda
Size: 6 x 48
Country: Honduras
Strength: Medium
Price Range:  $12.25
Production: 99 Boxes of 25 Cigars; 2,475 cigars

This review is on the re-release of the Viaje Plantino Samurai no changes were made from the previous release of this cigar from 2010. Two cigars were smoked for this review. The 1st cigar was least to say, lacking. That 1st cigar had soft spots and had predominant flavors of definite red pepper that was smooth and not over powering and barnyard. This flavor profile was not bad but the soft spots and terrible burn led me to believe that the 1st cigar must not have all the filler that was meant to there. Accounting for this and not at all expecting that fromm Viaje, I decided to smoke another hoping that was a fluke. Glad to say it was a fluke as the 2nd cigar was much better than the 1st and talking to others who have smoked this cigar they reported no construction or other issues with this cigar. So this review will be on the 2nd cigar. Lesson to be learned here though is that there are bad eggs that sometimes get passed quality inspection. This is not something unique to Viaje other companies have produced cigars that I like then after expecting that same cigar to be just as good as before and find it is plugged. So fear not this cigar when made right was very right. Read on for our review of the Viaje Plantino Samurai.

The 1st third of the Viaje Plantino Samurai had light red pepper, very light barnyard and a flavor of rye bread consisting the flavor profile. The finish featured light red pepper and rye bread. The draw was good and the burn was even. The ash was very light gray to dark gray. The 1st third had interesting flavors that composed a great flavor profile.

Following into the 2nd third of the Viaje Plantino Samurai the fresh baked rye bread flavor came through very prominently subduing the other flavors. The finish brought red pepper that was smoothed by rye bread flavor. The draw was good and the burn was even. The 2nd third improved over the 1st third in terms of burn but stayed on par with the 1st third in terms of the flavor profile and finish.

The final third saw the rye bread flavor coming out strong with a finish of light spice and very prominent rye bread. The draw opened making it a great draw. The burn turned slightly wavy but was still on the even side. This final third was very bready and quite simply a pleasure to smoke.

Over all the Viaje  Plantino Samurai was an excellent cigar that was not extremely complex but capitalized simplicity. The two flavors of a red pepper spice and fresh baked rye bread that really made this cigar combined and complimented each other nicely. Fresh baked rye bread is flavorful and cooling taking the edge off the red pepper making a slightly spiced rye bread tasting cigar. This combination of flavors should be baked into rye bread and sold every bakery.

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