27th Aug2011

Viaje Skull And Bones Little Boy

by GoodFellasCigars

Wrapper: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Binder: Nicaraguan

Shape: Petite Double Capped Robusto?

Size: 4 1/4 x 54

Country: Nicaragua

Production: 150 Boxes of 25 Cigars

The Viaje Skull and Bones Little Boy as shown this year at ICPCPR in Las Vegas was once again a powerful ass kicking stick. A little smaller this year, capped both sides, and fitting in about the palm of your hand. Personally it wasn’t as intense as the previous WMD or MOAB but, that is probably due to the smaller size this time. Also along with it being smaller, the price per stick was reduced this time which is always a good thing. The band was also the same, it had a dark oily wrapper with it smelling like a sweet mild tobacco, and light veins. I used a straight cut with a very small clip in the other end. The pre-light draw was a sweet tobacco and the initial draw was sweet with a warm woody earth spice and a hint of leather. The aroma coming off this stick was comparable to a campfire type smell. This overall was a very full-bodied smoke which right off the bat you can tell. The draws were smooth and very smokey. Also this stick produced quite a bit of smoke while resting aswell.

Going through the first third the profile was complex with certain flavors being here and there. The main standout flavors were a decently strong wood spice that tingled the tongue a bit and a rich dark earth tone. There was however an underlying sweetness that was the typical sweetness you see in Viaje blends. The other flavors that were in and out at this stage were a warm mixed nut and a bit of bitter espresso. Otherwise the smoke was warm and creamy most likely due to the amount of smoke being given off. Another thing I would like to note with this stick even thought it is small this stick last as long as a bigger stick due to the slow burn. I say take your time with this Skull and Bones just like the last ones this will sneak up on you which it did to me at the midway point. The was pretty much razor sharp throughout with the ash being a dark grey with black peppered in it.

The second third has the a roasted nut and wood spice take center stage with each puff around this point bringing a different underlying tone each time. Such things like earth, a cocoa bitterness, espresso, and a dark earth all being here and there with each puff. The profile for this stick always has 2 main flavors but, has alot of different tones I’ve noticed. The ash is staying firm but also a tad flaky too. By the midway point I’m really feeling the buzz which makes ya slow down a bit. I now feel the challenge begin.

I make it to the final third….by this time the tones that are all over the place begin to disappear with only the roasted nut and dark earth remaining and the spice stepping off to the side not being in the main stage anymore. The rest remains constant with this stick having a finish of the roasted nut and dark earth being last. Overall this is a very full-bodied smoke that I do suggest take your time on and really enjoy it and most of all don’t smoke this on an empty stomach or you might get yourself into a mess. This stick was released along with the Fat Man too which was a slightly larger ring gauge. Opinion is try this if you want a challenge or love a really full-bodied cigar.


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