05th Mar2012

Viaje Super Shot 10 Gauge

by GoodFellasCigars

Wrapper: Nicaraguan

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Shape: Nub

Size: 3 1/2 x 54

Country: Honduras

Strength: Full

Production:  300 Boxes of 25 Cigars; 7,500 Total Cigars

Price Range: $6.40 per cigar; $185.00 for a Box of 25

The Super Shot line of Viaje cigars was dreamed up by Andre Farkas while clay shooting and of course enjoying some cigars. The only problem with tying to enjoy both clay shooting and a cigar at the same time was that the cigars were not short enough to smoke during the breaks between rounds of shooting and so went out when during the rounds.

“I recently took up clay shooting and I noticed something… The cigars I brought weren’t short enough to enjoy between rounds. I’d start smoking and before it was finished it was my time to shoot again, so the smoke kept going out… But it isn’t just for a day out shooting clay. It’s designed to be smoked when time is a factor or while doing any sort of work.” – Andre Farkas speaking with Cigar Aficionado

Andre decided to fix this problem by creating a cigar short enough to smoke between rounds and dubbed his creation the Super Shot. The Viaje Super Shot is available in two sizes the 3 1/2″ by 54 ring gauge “10 Gauge” and the 3 1/4″ by 52 ring gauge “12 Gauge”. These names and sizes are aptly themed for the clay shooting and and shot gun shell theme. Topping off the this theme is the card board box these cigar are packaged in. The box is very similar to the size of an actual shot gun shell box and is styled in the vintage style of past shot gun shell boxes (See Below).

The Look: The Viaje Super Shot 10 Gauge is a nub sized cigar measuring 3 ½ inches by 54 ring gauge with a dark brown slightly gold toned wrapper. The wrapper extends almost over the entirety of the foot which adds to the look of the Viaje Super Shot 10 Gauge being a shot gun shell. Also adding to the look of this cigar being a shot gun shell are the veins which heavily covers the wrapper and to a smaller extent the small raised bumps which also cover the wrapper add texture to the cigar like the grooves of the plastic exterior of a shot gun shell. Finally the pack of the Viaje Super Shot 10 Gauge is firm with hardly any give.

The Start: The foot of the Viaje Super Shot 10 Gauge had an aroma of dark country liquorish and the wrapper also had an aroma of dark country liquorish. The pre-light draw had spiciness and had some earthiness to it. The initial draw had showed to have heavy spice, lots of power, and pleasantly bitter dark chocolate.

The Beginning: The first third of the Viaje Super Shot 10 Gauge had of flavor profile that smoothed out from the initial draw that was dark, creamy, and spicy. The finish had more defined flavors of bitter dark chocolate, leather, and wood tones. The draw was great and the burn was unfortunately uneven. While the ash produced was gray with spots and streaks of darker gray. During the first third I experimented with pairing the Viaje Super Shot 10 Gauge with Wild Turkey American Honey. This pairing was simply great as the sweetness of honey of the Wild Turkey American Honey added a great complementing element to the flavors of the cigar.

The Middle: In the second third of the Viaje Super Shot 10 Gauge again, the flavors were not incredibly complex yet, were quite smooth for a cigar that was such full bodied and strong. Wood tones and spice were the predominate flavors. The finish on the other hand again had more discernible flavors of dark chocolate, wood tones, and leather.  The draw was again very good and yet again unfortunately the burn was still uneven so I decided to correct it. Here in the second third the cigar went out and the burn had to be corrected. At rest the aroma that wafted from the Viaje Super Shot 10 Gauge was nice a burnt chocolate. Besides the drawback of the burn issues that the cigar experienced the flavors though not incredibly complex were a great balance of flavors.

The End: The final third of the Viaje Super Shot 10 Gauge had the flavors come out more as the flavor profile consisted of vanilla, pleasant creamy dark chocolate and leathery tones. The finish consisted of vanilla, chocolate, and leather at the end. The draw was good and the burn after the correction in the second third was finally even.

Final Thoughts: The Viaje Super Shot 10 Gauge was a very strong cigar though definitely not as strong as any of the Viaje Skull and Bone series. Still for anyone not used to smoking full bodied cigar this may not be for you and if you do decide to take on this cigar don’t plan on doing anything too physical it may not turn out well. This cigar had a nice balance of flavors but was not very complex. Water was the primary pairing while smoking this cigar as to get a more accurate reading of the flavors that composed the Viaje Super Shot 10 Gauge but in the first third I experimented with pairing this cigar for a short while with Wild Turkey American Honey. This pairing worked surprising well as the sweet honey flavor of this liqueur blended with honey and bourbon brought a sweetness that took the edge off that made smoking the Viaje Super Shot 10 Gauge considerably more enjoyable. Over all Viaje Super Shot 10 Gauge was a solid cigar and minus the burn issues is something a cigar aficionado with preferences for stronger cigars would enjoy.


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