14th Mar2012

Viaje White Label Project Winter Classic

by GoodFellasCigars

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Criollo

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Shape: Rothschild

Size: 4/12 x 48

Country: Honduras

Strength: Medium

Production250 Bundles of 25 Cigars; 6,250 Total Cigars

Price Range: $8.00; $200.00 for a Bundle of 25

The Viaje White Label Project Winter Classic is the first of Viaje’s White Label Project for 2012 and the fifth installment for the line overall. Viaje created the White Label Project to give Viaje customers a glance at what may be to come from Viaje as well as test those cigars with customers. These cigars with their unique and sometimes unique sizes would otherwise not be made available to the public. So it is always a treat smoke a new White Label Project.

The Look: The Viaje White Label Project Winter Classic is 4/12 inches by 48 ring gauge Rothschild with a lightly veined light brown wrapper with some darker brown spots. The Viaje White Label Project Winter Classic like the previous White Label Project is fitted with a white band with the word Viaje printed in black. The pack is firm with some depressions. The depressions concerned me slightly as I didn’t know if that would be an bad omen for the quality of smoking enjoyment that I may get from this cigar.

The Start: The foot of the Viaje White Label Project Winter Classic had an aroma of light spice and barnyard and, the wrapper gave off an aroma of light musk. The pre-light draw had a flavor of light black liquorish. The initial draw contained flavors of dark liquorish, oak wood tones, and light spice.

The Beginning: Going more into the first third of the Viaje White Label Project Winter Classic the smooth flavor profile consisted of oak wood, dark liquorish and, creamy chocolate. Following the flavors that came shortly after puffing on this cigar, the finish was made up of semi-bitter caramelized sugar, light pepper, and an oak woodiness. The draw was great and the burn was very even. The ash had light to medium gray coloring and held well to the cigar. While I was enjoying smoking the Viaje White Label Project Winter Classic I was also outside enjoying the nice weather. As I was doing this I noticed the sun shine highlighting smoke white-blue that came off the cigar. This is not remarkable in any sense but it was nice to witness the sunny side of mother nature while finally getting to enjoy a cigar in the warm open air after months of smoking in doors. So far this was a great start to this cigar.

The Middle: In the second third of the Viaje White Label Project Winter Classic, the flavor profile shifted but only slightly. The oak was replaced by mahogany, the dark liquorish went away but, the creamy chocolate remained. On the retrohale spice and pink pepper were present. The finish had bitter caramelized sugar, sea salt, and a bit of tanginess that could perhaps be described as mango. The draw still quite good but the burn was slightly uneven. At rest the smoke that exuded from the Viaje White Label Project Winter Classic carried an aroma of warm wood .

The End: The final third saw the flavors become over all become bolder. The flavor profile here was still very smooth while the woody flavor of dark mahogany came to the forefront and a creamy dark chocolate was also present.  The finish was a bit spicy consisting of a spicy black pepper, and the slight tang from the second third. The draw was yet again still quite excellent, while the slightly wavy burn started to correct itself from the second third. Here in the final third ash seemed to be not as strong as it was in the first third. I stopped smoking this cigar nearly at the start of where the band was as starting to get harsh.

Final Thoughts: The Viaje White Label Project Winter Classic was overall a very enjoyable cigar with an interesting yet most smooth flavor profile. I would love to smoke this cigar in front of a fire place with a good beer or now that the weather is nice again, by a bonfire again with a good beer. I would not mind if Viaje produced this cigar again but maybe this time without the white band.

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