26th Apr2011

Viaje Zombie

by GoodFellasCigars

Wrapper: Nicaragua

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Country: Honduras

Factory: Raices Cubanas

Size: 4 3/4 x 52

After the fall out Viaje MOB and WMD, zombies were birthed from all those in range across the country. Andre Farkes the scientist created the Viaje Zombie to compliment the Mother of All Bombs and the Weapon of Mass Destruction. After smoking the WOB and WMD one feels exactly like a zombie and thus comes the name sake of this cigar. There is no doubting that the Viaje Zombie, it does live up to its name.

This cigar has a pronounced espresso and chocolate flavors with a slight hint of spice and an even slighter hint of vanilla throughout. The construction is superb and had a very enjoyable draw that completely opens up a third of the way through with beautiful light blue smoke. The cigar had noticeably veined and oily wrapper that complemented the zombie fall out theme. The level of body was very full from start to finish and had a dark gray ash but, was not as strong as the MOB and WMD that has transformed many into the proverbial zombies. The first third of the Viaje Zombie was consistent with espresso and chocolate flavors with hints of spice and vanilla. The second third adds complexity to the Zombies flavor portfolio by adding a sweetness and pink pepper flavors while still maintaining the main flavors and tones. The final third just hits complexity out of the park by making stunning intricate flavor portfolio by further adding caramelized chocolate and lite wheat tones. The overall burn was just as perfect too with maybe a single touch up needed if wanted. Over all the Viaje Zombie struck an excellent  balance between strength and flavor. The Zombie was a very strong cigar yet did not in the leas skimp out on what was a fantastic flavorful experience.

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